The Wesleyan Church provides loan/grant assistance to students enrolled in ministry courses. Students must be under appointment of a district of the North American General Conference. This student aid program is administered by the Education and Clergy Development Division and is available to juniors and seniors at Wesleyan colleges and those enrolled for graduate theological training up to the completion of a Master of Divinity degree program or its equivalent.

Loan-Grant Eligibility

Students are to consult with and be examined and approved by their District Board of Ministerial Development, and must meet one of the following requirements prior to application to the program:

  1. Granted a district license as ministerial students
  2. Granted a district license as a Licensed Minister
  3. Under appointment as an ordained minister.

Students must be taking courses required for ordination in The Wesleyan Church or, if already ordained, in a ministry degree program.

Students must indicate their desire and intention to serve under appointment by one of the districts of the United States or Canada of The Wesleyan Church in a capacity where cancellation of the loan/grant can occur.

The student must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.

Ministerial students must be enrolled with the Ministerial Study Course Agency. Enrollment forms are available here. Ordained ministers may find Loan-Grant forms here on the Pastor Portal.

Repayment of Loan-Grant

Loans are interest-free while the student is pursuing training for ministry in The Wesleyan Church. Repayment of the loan/grant begins September 1 following graduation or termination of study for ministry in The Wesleyan Church and may be handled through cancellation on the basis of service in The Wesleyan Church or through cash payments.

For those who do not serve The Wesleyan Church after graduation or termination of their studies for ministry in The Wesleyan Church, interest in the amount of ten percent(10%) per annum will begin on September 1 following such termination. A repayment of twenty percent (20%) of principal plus interest will be due one year after said date, with the obligation continuing annually until the note is paid.

Those who serve in a qualifying ministerial appointment by The Wesleyan Church will receive a twenty-percent (20%) cancellation of the loan principal plus interest for each year of full-time service following studies. Ten-percent (10%) cancellation of the loan-principal plus interest may occur for part time (20+ hours/week) under qualifying ministerial appointment in the Wesleyan Church.

Aid is given as a grant to ordained ministers who are eligible for loan/grants but who have served The Wesleyan Church for five or more years under full-time district appointment subsequent to cancellation of any previous loan/grant service obligations.

The Annual Status Form is available here for ordained and licensed ministers and available here for ministerial students.

Loan-Grant Application

An Application is available here for ordained and licensed ministers and available here for ministerial students.

The application link on this page is titled "Loan-Grant Application for New Students".

*Note: Ministerial students must enroll with Education and Clergy Development before requesting access to the ECD portal. You may enroll here. Ordained and licensed ministers may need to request access to the Pastor Portal. Your district will be able to help you request access.

More information

Do you wish to be contacted by a loan-grant representative for more information? Complete this information request form here.

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