Seven Baskets Community House and Ministry Center

Seven Baskets is transforming a community with urban church planting utilizing a community development model to assist in the transformation of economically-distressed, urban neighborhoods. They are currently operating a pilot program on the east side of Columbus in Hilliard. Columbus consistently ranks as the fifteenth or sixteenth largest city in the US at approximately 1.6 million people. The specific neighborhood that we have targeted has a crime rate that is nearly 2.5 times the national average and a median household income of approximately $32,000. Rival gangs operate at either end of our neighborhood and the level of violence is connoted in the nick name attached to one of our streets, "Uzzi Alley." We are predominantly African-American in ethnicity.

Seven Baskets acquired at Sheriff’s Sale a vacant house located adjacent to Leawood Elementary School. Seven Baskets intends to rehabilitate the property to a condition that makes it a compliment to the community. The property has been purchased for the purpose of transforming it into a community house and ministry center. The location will allow the expansion of current academic enrichment programs and the addition of new programs that will aid in the holistic development of the Leawood students we are working with. The existence of a neighborhood site will provide a location to offer life-skill training courses to the adults residing in the target community. These will include topics related to financial management, parenting, nutrition, job skills, spiritual development, and more. This property will also serve as a location for the new church to conduct weekday ministries. An added bonus to our rehabilitation and occupancy of the property will be a dramatic improvement of the "first impression" individuals will have when entering the community because of its location at one of the primary entry points to the neighborhood.

SevenBaskets is seeking funding of $20,000 which would assist them in the rehabilitation of the community house and ministry center.

Amount raised as of today: 70%.

Please note: Donations received over the requested amount will be deposited into the general Hope & Holiness Grant Fund.

Children within the Community
Children within the Community

For additional information, please contact: Jim Rathbun, Director of Generous Living