Give through Hope & Holiness

Hope and Holiness helps you and your church become a catalyst to drive ministry innovation and missional activity.

1) Evangelism: We are seeking to reach urban centers through church planting, multi-ethnic, and compassion ministries.

2) Education: We work to train and network the next generation of leaders for lifelong ministry.

3) Empowerment: We create resources and capacity for the growth of the international church.These key passions dovetail with our belief that intentional strategies are needed to resource the church around the world, and that the Church must become a generous agency to spread hope and holiness across every land.

Urban Urgency Projects

Hope & Holiness projects for Urban Urgency empower Wesleyans to minister effectively to lost people in the urban centers of North America by establishing new churches that impact the community through compassionate service.

You can make a difference! God uses each of us to bring His kingdom here on earth, and giving is one way to make a difference.

By contributing to Hope & Holiness you will help build a legacy that bears fruit for years to come.

In the last 4 years, because of the generosity of faithful stewards and churches, we have been able to start 50 Urban Ministries in our cities.

  • These Urban Ministries have had 1568 Conversions and 1005 Baptisms
  • $800,000 Dollars Has been given to launch these Urban Ministries by faithful stewards and churches through Hope and Holiness.
  • That money has been multiplied, as Wesleyan Districts have given an additional $1.1 Million Dollars to the launch of these same Urban Ministries with these H&H matching funds. Wesleyan Investment Foundation has given an additional $250,000+ to selected Urban Ministries as a match as well.
  • We have also been able to launch intentional outreach as a denomination with diversity in mind through ministries like Immigrant Connection

Contact for more information on the kinds of projects you can give to through Hope and Holiness