Game Plan Training Camp

John Wesley’s timeless challenge still inspires healthy ministry teams—“You have nothing to do but save souls! Therefore, spend and be spent in this work. Go always not only to those who desire you, but to those that need you most.”

So what’s your game plan for intentionally multiplying disciples to plant a new church or revitalize an existing one?

The GAME PLAN TRAINING CAMP is a combination of practical information and personalized coaching designed to equip you to break through the ministry or personal lids that hold you back. Game Plan could be a “Game Changer” for you!

Built from the ground-up by practitioners with practitioners in mind, this unique training experience will lead you through the process of developing a winning, missional Game Plan personalized to your ministry context.

Download a Game Plan brochure you can share with others.

Game Plan’s unique distinctives:

“Game Plan Playbook – The Essentials”
Concise, compelling videos by outstanding leaders on the 15 essentials for courageous missional ministry.

“Let the Spirit Speak”
Built-in time outs with the Lord to clarify your barriers, His priorities and His promises.

“Go Deeper Workouts”
A variety of interactive workshops you can choose from, each led by a resource coach to give you deeper insights and practical coaching about the issues that matter most to you.

“Coach Yourself Forward”
Coaching to help you develop the action steps of your intentional missional Game Plan.

“Fuel for the Journey”
Opportunities for ongoing learning—online resources, webinars, further coaching and ways to network with other leaders like you.

English and Spanish Tracks
Game Plan training is offered in both languages to maximize our team’s effectiveness, while allowing leaders to build relational bridges to make the whole Church stronger.

“Game Plan” Play Book
Walk away with an armload of tools and your own personalized playbook so you can put your Game Plan into action right away with your team.

Training Camp is for…

• Church planters and their teams.

• Courageous pastors and leaders who want to refocus their churches to multiply disciples.

• Coaches who want to learn to equip church planters and leaders to be more missionally effective.

• District leaders who want to equip leaders to be more missional, intentional and accountable.


Register Today!

Price: $349 for the team leader, $279 for each additional team member (includes registration, materials, two meals and breaks).

Game Plan Training Camp
March 13-15, 2012
1 PM Tuesday – Noon Thursday
Wesleyan Church Headquarters, 13300 Olio Road, Fisher, Indiana 46037