The 80/80/80 Principle

How it Can Inspire New Vision for Your Church to Reach the World

We want you to share our passion for the world. We believe it’s the same passion you want the people in your church to catch. Global Partners' vision is to inspire every Wesleyan to serve in fulfillment of the Great Commission. One of the tangible ways we offer this is by giving every local church a guiding principle to resource your mission leadership as they determine your Faith Promise Mission Budget.

We call it the 80/80/80 Principle.

We envision that most local Wesleyan churches make decisions regarding missions (budget and programs) within the context of meetings by a select number of leaders. The full or condensed version of A Synopsis of Global Partners will provide an excellent beginning to such a meeting for your local church mission team/committee or Local Board of Administration.

Following this video, we suggest your team review the 80/80/80 Power Point Presentation with a designated narrator for the accompanying manuscript. Give each team member a hard copy of the 80/80/80 PDF handout. After completing your review of this presentation, assign one person to enter your current budget/giving into the 80/80/80 Excel worksheet and follow the simple step-by-step process to identify the 80/80/80 vision gap in your current budget. Keep in mind, we are recommending this 80/80/80 Principle as the minimum benchmark for every Wesleyan congregation, so moving to a higher percentage is a worthy next step where this principle may already be reality for some churches.

After your leadership has made a decision regarding your Faith Promise Budget please contact Global Partners to discuss the options available to provide specific vision for any increased giving with people, places and projects in our Wesleyan global strategy. We’re here to help you resource you with people, places and projects to cast a Great Commission vision that will inspire new levels of faith in the hearts of your church family to serve as a channel for God’s abundance around the world!

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A Synopsis of Global Partners video (condensed)
80/80/80 PowerPoint Presentation  
80/80/80 Presentation Manuscript
80/80/80 Faith Promise Budget Worksheet/Handout

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