Jesus' mission was to make disciples. The mission of the local church is to discover how it can learn to discern and participate in God's mission more faithfully and effectively.

Global Visioneering (GV) is a missional consulting and teaching ministry of Global Partners. This ministry is designed to create a learning partnership with local congregations, in which the church's life and mission are brought into conversation with theological, missiological and denominational systems.

GV desires to help align your local church's dreams with God's dream. We begin with evaluation in order to find a point of reference for starting the journey. A glance at the world allows us to see what Jesus sees as he looks at the nations. Your church will then be challenged to decide what mark you will make on your community and world. Our Global Partners' facilitator will help your church look at its systems for strategically engaging in missional ministry.

Your church will then learn how to implement the strategies you adopt, while making running adjustments to keep goals in focus. Your church will learn what it means to be a "world Christian" and how to keep local and long distance ministries in balance. This includes determining where, how, and when to plug into what God is doing in your neighborhoods and around the world.

The GV seminar is approximately nine hours of interactive learning. GV encourages all local church leaders to participate for maximum effect. This includes, but is not limited to, all pastoral staff, LBA members, and mission committee members.

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