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Missionaries Doing Partnership Developement During Apr 2014

Blaikie, Jason & Christine (Croatia)Atlantic & West Michigan District
Connor, John & Marge (Director of JFP & Pacific Area)Northwest District
Croft, Dorcas (Swaziland)Western Pennsylvania District
Gilles, Carl & Maya (Haiti)Atlantic District
Helvie, Michael & Cindy (Zambia)Indiana North District
Darrin & AprilNorthwest District
Matteson, Mark & Dawnielle (Australia)Western New York District
McNett, Scott & Rachel (Czech Republic)East Michigan District
Munsell, Corey (Albania)Illinois District
Munsell, Wes & Susanna (Haiti)Indiana North District District
Nettleton, Phil & Lucille (Pastors to Missionaries)Pacific Southwest District
David & Dena (Nune People)Indiana North District
Stephens, Dustin & Nancy (Haiti)Texas/Louisiana District
Van Steenburg, Barry & Christy (Central America)Shenandoah District
West, Richard (Rick) & Clara (Ibero-America WF Coordinator)Florida District
BethanyWestern New York District

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