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November 2014

There is an OUTBREAK in Africa! It is like a wave that is overwhelming its shores. Although some have gone to great lengths to try and stop it, it seems like an unstoppable force. No, I am not referring to the Ebola virus. I am talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Once called the “Dark Continent,” the light of the gospel is reaching into the hearts of these great nations. The fastest growth in the number of Christians over the past century has been in sub-Saharan Africa (a roughly 60-fold increase, from fewer than 9 million in 1910 to more than 516 million in 2010— source: Pew Research).

In recent years the explosion of new converts has been largely fueled by the use of the JESUS film that has been translated into almost 1,000 languages in Africa. The JESUS Film Partnership of Global Partners and The Wesleyan Church have teams in nine African countries, with Uganda receiving a team in November making it the tenth. In 2013, of the 101 new church plants started through our JESUS film teams, 62 of them were in Africa.

Whereas the Ebola outbreak has caused great fear and uncertainly, this outbreak of the gospel is cause for great joy and hope for the continent and nations of Africa. As we pray for those effected and threatened by Ebola, let us not forget to pray for those who have placed faith in Christ and those who have yet to hear and know the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church continues to expand across Africa, including the northern provinces of Mozambique as Rev Abel Nove reports. Here is the actual field report:

On 12 October 2014 in the village of Namiteca converted to Jesus 20 people who have never had an opportunity to attend one church. Namiteca is an area where most people practice the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. So many people of that village, mostly young, are addicted to alcoholic drinks homemade. Now, we have a cell with more than 20 new converts in that village. Now we are to disciple these people to then be baptized for the glory of the Lord Jesus.


Attention: Director John Croft and Dr. John Connor are both available for speaking engagements in 2015. Partner your church in 2015 with the JESUS Film Partnership in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Contact Rev John Croft at croftj@wesleyan.org and Dr. John Connor at johnhconnor@sbcglobal.net.

Join the JFP Facebook family. Visit our page and like us. Then share us with your friends to spread the story of what God is doing around the world. www.facebook.com/jesusfilmpartnership

Stories from the Fields


Praise God! We are alive and doing the Lord’s work. Since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease in our country, movement for the team has been restricted to some extent. But we thank God for directing the team to where He really wants to save His lost sheep. Most of these areas were not safe for the team, but the Lord led us through anyway. We were also constrained to travel to targeted areas according to our plans for the year with the JESUS film. We continue to plan on reaching some of these areas at all cost even though it requires risk for the team, yet we trust the Lord to go before us. Thank you for your prayers and support for the team in Liberia.


I Need My Father! When her husband left her and her 14-year-old daughter, their lives were turned upside down. Forced to find work outside the home, she became a housemaid. Her daughter was distraught and could not understand why her father did not love her. Confused and angry, she attempted to commit suicide.

Hearing about the JESUS film, they went hoping to hear hope. After the film we preached about the love of the Father and how His love is deeper and stronger than any earthly father. When we explained that God is our real father, they were thrilled and realized that it was the satisfaction they were seeking. The daughter asked her mother to accept Jesus because she needed her father. Her mother agreed with her, and they both accepted Christ.

Jesus Can Change Customs: She was weeping because, as is their custom, her father had given her in marriage as a child because they owed a large debt to the bridegroom. It is now her hope that they can change the custom and save her younger sister from the same fate. She believes that it can only change as people turn to Jesus. She and her husband and her sister have now all accepted Christ.

From Resistance to Acceptance: “Stop the film!” he yelled.

“Why do you need us to close?” I asked.

“This is our village, and here we are all Hindus. We do not want any foreign religions to come into our place and take our people to their religion,” he said.

The place fell silent, and we feared the police may be called. We began to pray for that place and all those people who were sitting there anticipating the film. Then I told him and the crowd, “In this film of JESUS, you will not find any part where yours or any other religion is being dominated. It is not a film against your gods or goddesses. Let us show you the JESUS film and if any of you find any offense against your religion, you can do anything you want to me. I am ready for any punishment.”

So, starting from the beginning, we showed the film. Everyone was watching it carefully, including the man who called for us to stop and not show it.

When the film was finished, I heartily thanked everyone there for coming. I looked for the man who protested, and he was not there. So we began to pack up the equipment in preparation to head home. When we were about to leave, a man called us and asked us to stop for a moment. It was the man who had so strongly protested our presence and the showing of the film. He introduced us to his wife and told us that he and his wife wanted to accept Christ.

We were surprised! The man who had yelled at us and threatened us only hours earlier was now telling us that he and his wife wanted to accept Christ as their Savior. There are no words to express our joy and thanks to God. We asked him the reason he made the decision to follow Christ. He said, “When I was watching the film, I saw Jesus walking through the crowd when suddenly a blind man called out to Jesus. Jesus stopped and miraculously Jesus healed him. I was that man.”


The JFP Luzon team transported its equipment to the island of Mindoro on the first week of November. As well, please pray for the safety of the Mindanao team as they will take the JESUS film ministry through the middle of November to Muslim territories. Thank you very much.

Sierra Leone

If you are a follower of the JESUS Film Partnership on Facebook you will remember our post on October 14 (www.facebook.com/jesusfilmpartnership).

Facebook post October 14, 2014:

A member of the JESUSfilm team in Sierra Leone by the name of Rev Alfred Phili is in critical sick condition. He is representing the JESUS film in the south/eastern region. He is a very hard working man. He has been struggling with a serious hip problem for some months, which eventually affected his right foot. He was hospitalized in the government hospital in Bo a week ago. His condition further deteriorated yesterday, and he became very anemic. Blood donation was given to him as requested by the doctor in charge. Presently, he cannot speak, neither freely urinate (blockage). The doctor in charge has out rightly informed family members that he would not survive.

Here is the update on Rev Phili from October 21, 2014:

Even though it appeared that the doctors have given him up, he is gradually responding to treatment. Recent x-ray results show a broken rib, which has affected his right hip. With the present Ebola situation in the country, much attention is not given to other ailments. He is still undergoing treatment. Our fervent prayer is for God's divine healing touch on him. God is working out His purposes. Thanks for praying, and continue to do so. Also, pray for his family who seem to be in a confused state.

Meanwhile, fear continues to grip the hearts of Sierra Leoneans as the Ebola crisis continues. The international community has stepped in, but the challenge is still there. All of the 14 districts now in the country have reported Ebola victims. Our church planting areas in the south/eastern regions continues to be under quarantine. Other areas in the north have also been recently quarantined. No public gathering is allowed, in the daytime or night. However, churches and mosques are allowed to have their regular meeting times.

Please continue to remember JFP team members and their families in different locations, including Liberia. We are strongly believing and hoping that the Ebola crises would come to an end before the year ends. We do appreciate your good work. We are praying for the work in other parts of the world.


September 2014

Indonesia’s JESUS film team leader joins with a new congregation in a remote village. They are standing in front of a new dam constructed by the JESUS film team and the villagers through the support of Global Partners. This remote village was known as a harbor for criminals, witchcraft, and extreme poverty. Without Jesus they were trapped in a vicious cycle. The JESUS film team has invested their hearts and hard work in reaching the animists, working to bring water to the dry land while bringing the living water of Jesus. This dam will bring irrigation to fields that will soon be rich with vegetation. The local villagers have provided land for the new church plus land for the local church to raise crops to support the church. Please pray for them as they complete the dam this month and begin work on a 1-kilometer irrigation canal that will feed the water to a 50-acre parcel of land for gardens.

Much needed water has been introduced to this once dark, dry village and the surrounding villages, and there is now hope for their future. The Living Water has been introduced, and there is now hope for their eternity. Pray for this Wesleyan church and the water project that it might bear fruit. Fruit that will last (John15:16).

Director John Croft just returned from visiting this new church at the dam, and many others that have been planted on an Indonesian island over the past ten years. In 2004 Rev. Andrew (name changed for security reasons) led a JESUS film team as missionaries to this island. There were no churches, and the challenges were many and great. Today, through your prayer support and financial investments, there are 19 Wesleyan churches on the island. Their main objective has been to reach the animists—a people group that is steeped in ancestral worship and black magic. Our 19 churches are almost completely made up of this people group.

This story and many others like it can be found on our Facebook page. We invite you to visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jesusfilmpartnership and join us there for regular updates from the 43 JESUS film teams we have operating in 24 countries. You will be inspired and challenged to pray. You can even share these stories with your Facebook friends.

Our teams are working hard. God is doing amazing things in some difficult places around the world, but there are real needs that must be met. Several of our teams are needing their equipment either replaced or specific items replaced. As you know, it is hard to predict when something will break down. So it is with our JESUS film teams’ equipment. However, when equipment fails it can mean that a team is not able to show the film for long periods of time. If you would like to help us with some equipment needs, here is a list of needs we have right now.

  • Two new units (Visita 200 model) for Nepal. $1,500 each.
  • One new unit (Vista 500). $2,000
  • Three new solar batteries. $400 each.
  • One new unit (Vista 1000). $3,700
  • Three new projectors. $350 each.
  • Two new microphones. $50 each

To help purchase these items, simply send a check made out to Global Partners and in the memo write “New Equipment WM06-0695.” Send checks to Global Partners, PO Box 50434, Indianapolis, IN 46250.

If you are considering investing in the JESUS Film Partnership through a team partnership, we have some outstanding needs as well. We have several teams that need new partnerships if they are to continue with their ministries. Contact Director John Croft for information regarding partnerships at croftj@wesleyan.org or call 317-903-7793.

Prayer Requests:

  • New team trained in Indonesia.
  • New team to be trained in Uganda in November.
  • The ongoing Ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • For safety and health of the teams in these countries and elsewhere.
  • The rainy season starts in several countries making travel and ministry difficult for the JESUS film teams.
  • The many new converts in newly planted churches.
  • Campaign 300 as we have now passed the halfway point. We are ahead of schedule in reaching our goals of 30 teams, showing the film to 3 million people in 3 years, planting 300 churches. Pray for a sustained effort!

Stories from the Field


There was a man named Gozen (29) who watched the JESUS film along with his wife, Anita (27). Gozen and his wife were very interested to know more about creation and sin. We took the opportunity to visit their home to share more. After talking for a long time, Gozen and his wife made their decision to accept Christ in their lives. Gozen told us that he loved the film, and it made him think more. He said, "I understand that God sent and gave His son so everyone can get forgiven of their sins. I am Hindu, and I knew only Sree Krisna as God. But by watching the film and discussing with you, I now understand, without a doubt that Jesus gave His life for the sin of the world. I am sure that by accepting and believing in Christ, I will go to heaven."

The result of conducting the JESUS film show is exhibited by this family's decision through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Now they have accepted Christ, and they are connected with the Madra Church. We give thanks to Lord for bringing these new souls into His Kingdom. We pray for their spiritual growth, as well as their personal lives.


In August, 2,579 people watched the film with 1,145 responding to the invitation. Thirteen new cells groups were started as a part of the follow-up with the new converts.


In June we showed the JESUS film in La ______ and prayed for a man who was in a wheelchair. When we returned to the same place after a month, we were surprised seeing the same man up and walking. His sister very excitedly gave testimony saying that the next day she prayed, and her brother just got up from the wheelchair and started walking. Glory to God! This has had an impact on the neighborhood and opened up a cell group in that place. We are unable to show the pictures for security reasons.


The villagers came out into the street to help us set up the equipment. After we showed the film, one villager testified, “We often heard about Jesus, but we never knew about Him. We have now seen with our own eyes, and we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior who died for our sins. We will live our lives for Him and spend our time spreading the news about Jesus.”


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the JESUS film team in Liberia. The Lord has really been good to the team during the Ebola crisis where traveling in any part of Liberia has become a risk for the team members and the equipment. But through it all we praise the Lord for protecting the team and the equipment during the month of August.

We also thank God for the DBA, for their encouragement and the leadership role they play in leading the team. The Wesleyan Church of Liberia is doing everything possible through the JESUS film ministry to reach every county in Liberia with the gospel while this deadly disease is spreading so rapidly.

Even though our plans for the year was interrupted as the result of the Ebola virus, the team was able to reached 823 persons, last month, in Montserrado County with the JESUS film and 515 of them prayed to receive Christ.

Our follow-up teams are not just following these converts to be connected to Christ and the Church but are also creating the Ebola awareness program as we partnership with Community Hope (CHOPE) to kick Ebola out of Liberia. Pray for the Lord’s continued protection upon the team and the equipment as we screen the film in Ebola virus affected communities.

God more powerful than Ebola

Since the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, this deadly disease has taken many lives. In most communities we visited with the JESUS film, the fear for Ebola is more than the fear for God who has power over Ebola and people. In the Gilvah community in Paynesville City, a woman in her late 50s, after watching the film, invited the team to her house for a family screening. At the end of the film, in her family living room, she and her family gave their lives to the Lord that evening. She said since God has power over Ebola and human beings, she and her family prefer giving their lives to Jesus. She and her family has promised to follow the Lord at all cost. Pray for this family against the virus because this is one of the communities Ebola virus is actively attacking.


Due to the vehicle breaking down, our JESUS film team could not go to the villages we had planned to go, because they are too far. However, we visited some areas closer where we had planted churches through the JESUS film. We spent our time making disciples, teaching seminars for local leaders, and finding tremendous growth in these churches. With God's help, we hope that our transportation will be fixed very soon to continue with work. This image is of the local church planted by the JESUS film team at Maratane, which is composed of refugees from DRC.


Conversation with a seeker

Seeker: What if I believe in Jesus Christ? Will I be able to change my life? I get depressed thinking there's no hope for my life. I don’t know why these things happen to me only. But when I was watching the film where Christ allows children to come to Him, I began to wonder what would change if Jesus would let me come to Him.

JESUS film team member: Christ came to this world because He loves us and to save us from our sins. To save His children whom we are called His. You have seen the sacrifice that Jesus has made for you. Accept this gift and live for Him.

Seeker: I do, and no matter what happens in life, if Christ is with me then I should move on because I believe one day God will bring me to victory.

The seeker, Kiran, along with three of his friends, accepted Christ. Pray for their spiritual growth and development. Pray for them, as they will face many obstacles to their new faith in Christ.

Can this man Jesus heal my wife?

“Hello! I have been watching the JESUS film from the beginning, hearing the words, and I really loved it”. That’s how Ram introduced himself to us. “I am by profession a witchdoctor. If someone gets sick, then I go to their house and do some rituals. I ask the owner of the house to sacrifice some animals, and then I will take that for my family and myself. Though I do all these rituals to others, I cannot heal my own wife. She has been suffering from headaches for eight years now. Because of her headaches, she has almost become mentally ill. I have performed many rituals for her but nothing happens. I sent her to hospitals in the city for her proper check-up, but everything has become too expensive and doctors are charging a lot for taking many kinds of tests. We have become really depressed. And this evening while watching JESUS film, I saw Christ healing many people. He even raised the dead ones. I suddenly got hope for my wife. Maybe this man can heal my wife. So, I want to understand if there's anything that I can do for my wife to be healed?”

Then I told him, “Praise God for he has spoken into your heart. God does not differentiate between anyone. We are all equal in His eyes because we are His children. If we have strong faith in Him and ask anything of God in His name, then surely He will hear us. He says He will give us the desire of our hearts. There is nothing that Christ cannot do. But more importantly, Christ wants to have a personal relationship with you and your wife. Yes, He can heal, but He wants you to know Him and to accept His gift of salvation, which is free.”

Just after saying this, he invited us to come his house and pray for his wife. The next day we went to his house, and he introduced his family to us. We shared from the Word of God, and then we started praying for the wife. We prayed for salvation and healing. We invited them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, which they gladly did. Then the man gathered his tools of witchcraft and superstition. Together we destroyed them. We gave them a couple Bibles and instructed them to study the Word day and night.

After a few days, we received a call from him, and he testified that the evil spirits have left their house. Now they are not facing any kind of fear in their house, and his wife's headaches are also reducing and getting better. Really that was great news from someone who used to worship idols and perform dark superstitious rituals. Now all of his family members are attending church. Thank God for His great love to the lost ones!


The team went on one of the farthest trips we have done, in Cervantes, part of Ilocos Sur Province.

We were amazed how God worked in that place because several evangelical groups have attempted to open work in that area but have been unsuccessful due to the hostility of the citizens. On the night of the show, I asked our projectionist to start the JESUS film at exact 6:30 in the evening, knowing the film will take two hours. There were only, more or less, 10 viewers at that time, and I was afraid nobody would come. However, we began to realize that people were just waiting for the film to start. Eventually there 132 viewers, and large number of those responded to the invitation.

Follow-up is now ongoing to establish a new church plant in that area. We covet your prayers for this new work.

Sierra Leone

Greetings from Freetown, Sierra Leone! We deeply appreciate all of your sincere prayers for our beloved nation, as we continue to struggle with the deadly Ebola virus. I am fully persuaded and convinced that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. The situation continues to be uncertain, as people continue to die, while many areas continue to be quarantined. There is sure HOPE in the Lord.

One of the greatest strategies of the enemy is FEAR. It is very apparent now in the nation that fear has gripped all individuals. Fear of the unknown, especially what would happen next to each one of us. In the midst of all this, the church is now realizing that we have a strong, positive role to play in restoring hope and happiness to our people. It is also now a strong opportunity to preach the undiluted Word of God (in love), and usher people to repentance and salvation. The church is sure the true hope for every nation.

GUESS WHAT?! Churches are getting full to capacity every Sunday, despite the raining season. Parishioners across the nation are yearning for an ANSWER from God, towards the eradication of this deadly Ebola disease. Great opportunity! God can even allow a bad situation for His own good (Romans 8:28-29).

Many people are giving their lives to Jesus Christ, with many more rededicating their lives. We also observed a baptism of newly repented individuals.


Please continue to join our Sierra Leonean brothers and sister in prayers for the following:

  • Pray that God would continue to usher true spiritual transformation in the nation.
  • Pray for more treatment centers for victims.
  • Pray that health officers (many dying) would be provided with the desperate medical facilities needed. Many are afraid to even go to work.
  • Pray for the situation to come to an end. It has brought untold economic and social hardship in the nation. Every thing appears to be on standstill.
  • Pray that the church and Christians would remain focused and determined in these days of hard times.

Submitted by:
Rev. Warren Fornah
Director of the JESUS Film
The Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone


August 2014

I want to shout out a special thanks to Elaine Eckhardt who so faithfully and professionally edits and distributes this newsletter. Her work is so valuable to the JESUS Film Partnership in telling the story so that the faithful know how to pray and give.

Upon receiving this edition of the NetCaster, Director John Croft and Dr John Connor will be in Zambia and Malawi visiting many of the new churches that have been established over the past year. One of the Zambian teams has been working in western Malawi over the past couple of years, resulting in numerous new churches. We rejoice with all the new church plants that are happening around the world (101 just in 2013), but our work there has only begun. We need to pray that God will help the national church be able to train sufficient pastors for these new churches. Our goal is to have healthy disciples in these new places.

In Mozambique, the Nampula District Superintendent Abel Nove reported:

On July 12, 2014, the Holy Spirit worked a miracle in Napala. Napala is a village where most people are unbelievers and where they practice all sorts of vices, especially vices of alcohol, smoking, and witchcraft. With God's help, we showed the JESUS film on the evening of the July 12. Much to our surprise, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of those present, and many began to weep as they felt the love of God demonstrated in Christ's death. At the end of the showing, 28 people came forward to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The community leader offered us a place to start a new Wesleyan church in the village. Now a cell group grows every Sunday with the help of the Lord. We are discipling these people and preparing them for their baptism. We ask prayers for their spiritual growth.

Rev. Nove has taken the district of Nampula from no churches to more than 50 churches in less than 10 years. Northern Mozambique has seen exponential growth in the past few years that has placed huge demands on leadership to address the need for pastors. This kind of growth requires us to work diligently to make sure that these new converts are in a healthy growing environment where they are receiving the truth for the Word. If the New Testament church could add 3,000 to the church in one day, we can figure out how to assimilate and disciple each new convert that comes into our churches and under our responsibility.

So I ask you to make this your prayer focus this month. Pray the Lord will grant each field and its leaders wisdom as they address the need for trained pastors. Pray that God will call workers into the harvest. Pray for our Bible schools around the world and where there is a need for training centers for pastors that God will provide. Ask God how he might use you to meet that need.

Global Partners has addressed this need by appointing Rev, Bob Gray, former GP missionary to Mexico, to work with our fields to develop solutions to this growing need. We are not going to stop oreven slow down trying to win more followers to Christ, so we must work diligently to train many new pastors for the need that exists now and for the new churches that are yet to be planted (and there will be more!). Rev. Gray is leading a project with Global Partners called the Shepherd Project. For more information on how to pray for and financially support the Shepherd Project, contact Rev. Bob at Graygrays@teamwesley.org or visit their website at www.teamwesley.org.

Are you following the JESUS Film Partnership on Facebook? Join us for weekly updates and stories on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jesusfilmpartnership. Help us reach more people by clicking on “Like” and then share the updates with your friends.

Stories from the Field


On the June 2 the JESUS film team went to conduct the show in the village called Vomra. The neighboring country of India influences the Vomra area. Many people watched the film, both individuals and whole families. There are no churches or any Christians living in that village, so people did not have an opportunity to know Christ and to watch the film before. The film was exceptional to them. The viewers watched the full film with full concentration. We give thanks to Him as we were able to conduct the showing in a completely new area where people have not heard about Christ and His love for the world.

On the very next day, we went to visit some families with whom we had talked to during and after the show was over. We had the opportunity to sit with a family who was very open for discussing the film and Christ. Three persons (grandmother and two grandchildren) were present in the home. The grandson is a student and studying in Higher Secondary and the granddaughter is also a student and studying in Bachelor group. It was wonderful to answer all their questions. They were very interested to hear about Christ, and even before we came to their home, they had discussed many things about the film. They were surprised to see that a man would give His life for the people. Even He rose up again. They said, “It is not possible for any people. We understood that He is the Son of God and anyone who believes in Him will be forgiven. We like to believe in Him as He can forgive us.” We discussed more about Christ and prayed with them. It would be nice if we could give them a Bible so they can read at home to know more about Christ.

We encouraged them to pray regularly at home so that the Holy Spirit can grow them closer to a Christ-like life and also guide their life always. We are praying for them and we think that it could be a potential place to bring many souls for Him through a new church. We are praying for this family and for the village of Vomra. Please pray for us so that we could be able to teach them more.

Burkina Faso

The team reports that there were sixteen new converts this past month. This is a huge response in this overwhelmingly Muslim population. Pray for these new believers who will be faced with many family, societal, and religious challenges. Pray for our team and team leader Theophilus.


There are two teams working in different districts. The first team has had a number of changes due to one member getting married and another drafted into the army. Pray for them as they try to get up to speed again. The second team is going strong. They did have a confrontation with the police who shut them down for the night. However, this has not deterred them but has made them stronger. They have confidence to show the film because they have the proper approval to do so. Pray that those who would like to make it difficult for them will be unable to do so.


The teams have been very encouraged by the response of many of the places they have been. You know that it has been well received when they ask you to come and show it again. Our two teams are working on the Northeast work among a mixture of Hindus, Animist, and traditional Christians. There is a strong pluralism that runs deep in the culture. Pray that God will bring about a true transformation in the hearts of the people. Pray that they will understand the words of Christ when He says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”


This Jesus Is My Jesus: The JESUS Film Team continues to receive stories from converts from around Liberia as the team shows the JESUS film. During our visit in one of the communities in Montserrado County, a lady in her early 70s told the team what the film has done in her life. A widow with six children said she regretted living her youthful life for the devil even into her old age. “If I had seen this film in my 20s, I would have been a great disciple for Jesus,” she told the team leader. Aided by the team leader to fully understand the JESUS film and the plan of salvation, an old lady who is from the Muslim background confessed, “If this Jesus is the one who takes away the sin of the world, then this Jesus is my Jesus. I want Him to be the Lord of my life.” Pray for her as she lives the rest of her life for Jesus.

Pray also for our teams in Liberia as they deal with the threat and fear of the Ebola virus. Liberia has been the hardest hit, and there is a real concern for the safety of our team there. They are committed to the spreading of the gospel even as the deadly virus spreads across their nation.


What If I Become a Christian?: After praying for everyone who had come forward following the film , one guy came to me and asked, “What if I become Christian?” The way he asked me, it was really different but still I managed to answer him. “If you believe in Christ and become Christian, then surely your life will change. He will fill your empty heart. If you are having sufferings in your life, then trust God for He will help you through your problems. If you want anything from Him then ask Him, He will surely provide for you.” I asked him again, what his main reason was for asking that question. He then began to share his story with us.

My father was an alcoholic and a wife beater too. Every night he came home drunk and started arguing with my mother and then beat her almost to death. That's why one day my mom decided to run away from him. So she took me with her and moved away from him. My childhood was lived in fear and insecurity. By the time I started attending high school, I was really psychologically and emotionally damaged. I could not make friends. I was quiet and like a tortured guy. Outside of school, I had developed friendships with the wrong guys. I started wasting my life smoking marijuana, drinking, fighting, and slowly I even started to take harder drugs. One day cops caught me because I was involved in a gang fight. As a result I was imprisoned. There I saw the different life. No freedom, no rights, mental torture, loneliness, fear, dirty food. It was like I was living in hell. I was imprisoned for seven months, and in those seven months, I decided that once I get out out of this hell, I would start a new life, a new career.

But it seems that fate was against me (a Hindu concept). When I came out of jail, I went back to my mother. After a couple of months, I started working as guard at a private school. I was earning good money, and after a month I even got married. I was happy that I could change my life. But bad thing happened to me again when my wife left me and went with another guy. I completely broke into pieces. I became the person who is worthy of nothing. I was hurt, depressed, brokenhearted, miserable, and imprisoned in my own prison. I had everything that a person never dreams of. I did not want to live any longer. There was never anyone beside me when I was really in need of someone. I used to stay in my room by myself crying and shouting like a crazy man. But earlier tonight, when I saw you guys were showing JESUS film, I decided to come and watch it. I felt good. I was really touched when I heard you speaking about moving forward.

At that time, I said to him, “God has touched your heart. He has seen you in your sufferings and in your struggles of life. But do not worry, God is stretching out His hand, all you need to do is to stretch out your hand toward Him and walk with Him. Surely He will not let you fall again.” I read for him again the words that were read when we invited people to come forward. I opened the Bible and read from the book of Philippians 3:13-14. By this time he was weeping. I told him again how God loves him, and now God has given him another chance to live a new life in Him. I said, “Forget the past; do not hold it. It will give you nothing but pain and the opportunity for Satan to draw you away from the God. So, today is your time to accept Him, and you have seen the light so live in the light.”

After I told him these things, I, along my teammates, prayed for him. We prayed strongly against all those struggles and suffering that he had to go through. We prayed that he will change his life in Christ and live the life that glorifies our beloved Father in Heaven.

Thanks to God for the JESUS film for it has done a really great thing for among the people!


Mission Impossible: On our recent outing to Katete, where we have been replanting a church which had almost closed down, we encountered a young lady in her late twenties by the name Mwanida (meaning “you hate me”). She attended all our shows at Soweto Market. When we moved to Chikwanda village about eight kilometres further down the road, she was there. We had now become familiar with her, except we had never seen her respond to any of our invitations to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. We were concluding our show in Chibolya when we felt the urge to confront her. We have had experiences of people coming to the shows and following us to the next station—especially if they converted—but not on our entire tour of an area. That was not the case with this lady. She showed no interest whatsoever in personally benefitting from the program, but she was present at each one of the shows before this encounter.

We confronted Mwanida on our last day at Chibolya. We had just finished setting up and were waiting for more people to come when we saw her in the group that had started gathering. When she saw one of us approaching, she began to back off from the group, and she did not stop despite our appeals to have a talk with her. We finally commanded her to stop in the name of Jesus. She tripped onto something and fell backward and started shouting and screaming. Sensing this was a demonic case, we began to cast them out. When she was delivered, almost an hour later, she told us a strange story.

She was a member of a satanic cult, and her mission was to disrupt the JESUS film showings. She had been further instruction to destabilize our meetings by casting spells and invoking evil spirits on those in attendance and the team, but she confessed that her mission had been difficult because of the prayers that were being offered just before the shows. She further testified how she had been successfully used against previous gatherings, and she couldn’t understand why it was not working for her now. We told her that it was so, not because we were better than the other people who had come earlier, but because God had decided to fulfill His mission for her life by making her mission against His purpose an impossible one. That night Mwanida became a born-again soul and is in the process of unlearning her secret cult and learning to walk with Jesus. She gets attacks sometimes, but she is being healed by His stripes. We are convinced that this encounter has brought a transformation to her life. We thank God for the opportunity to yet again bring a soul into the Kingdom!


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