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One Room Sunday School

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Not enough children or teachers to break into different age groups? Then One Room Sunday School is perfect for you! Designed specifically for children's Christian education programs where four or more age groups are taught in one classroom, this program enables children ages 3 through middle school to study and learn together. Students will grow through comprehensive Bible study, application of Bible lessons to everyday discipleship, and a variety of age-appropriate activities.

Download the Fall 2008-Summer 2011 Scope and Sequence and a FREE SAMPLE of the Leader's Guide and the Reproducible Activities Book!

Each quarterly kit contains four components:

Leader's Guide

  • Offers a four-step lesson plan: Introduce the Bible Theme, Hear the Bible Message, Explore the Bible Message, and Respond to the Bible Message
  • Includes teacher helps, lesson planning guides, and more
  • Three-year cycle

Reproducible Activities Book

  • Eight reproducible sheets for each week, with a Bible story, activities for all ages, and a page to send home
  • Activities offered for nonreaders, beginning readers, and skilled readers
  • All sheets are clearly marked with the appropriate reading level and lesson number

Resource Pak

  • Full-color
  • 32 pages of teaching pictures, games, maps, posters, storytelling figures, songs, and more

Music CD

  • Contains 10-12 upbeat contemporary songs plus classic hymns for each quarter
  • Includes extras such as sound effects and story narration

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