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Urban Church Planting Initiative

By Contributing to the Urban Church Planting Equipping Initiative you will:

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Equipping Urban Church Planting

In North America, from 1970-1990, population trended away from the urban centers and moved toward the suburbs. Since 1990, the general population has been trending back toward the urban centers. What we do next about this trend, could shape the future of the church and the world…

It's been said if you reach the cities, you'll reach the nations. With 83 percent of the population now living in metropolitan areas, the major population centers in North America are vital mission fields for kingdom growth and influence. If there is a chance of reaching North America with the Good News, it's going to involve a city strategy, with thousands of diverse urban churches.

From uptown to downtown, Chinatown to Oldtown, we have the ability to see our city centers made new; however, the challenges are immense and daunting. North America is no longer shaped like a uniformed pancake--it's more like a waffle. There are thousands of little divots with people living in them who have customs, cultures, and contexts vastly different from each other. We believe Jesus is calling us to go into all those divots of the waffle with the Good News message.

One of our urban church planters tells the story of a young man whose life was radically changed because of being exposed to their new church plant. This young man had everything going against him. No father. No support. No hope. In fact, he was about ready to opt out of this life. Yet after an urban ministry leader took the time to build a relationship with him, this young man was awakened to God's grace and is now a kingdom worker multiplying disciples!

This story, and others like it, are precisely why we need new churches to rise up within our cities. However, the magnitude of the task at hand is quite overwhelming. Many urban ministry workers burnout within their first two years of service simply because they lack training, resources, and networking opportunities; all of which can be made accessible.

Over the past several years we have seen God do some amazing work in our urban centers across the country. While we celebrate the wins and hard work that is happening, the need for equipping urban practitioners is still a great need. As Wesleyans, we believe every man, woman, and child, deserves the opportunity to be in close proximity to a life-giving church community.

On this #GivingTuesday, we can make a difference that will affect generations to come. Because we sowed generously into the equipping and resourcing of our urban ministries, the entire trajectory of countless families, marriages, teenagers, and children, may find themselves in the good soil of God's kingdom.


Participate in the Urban Church Planting Offering:

Donate here now!