Tom, a local church pastor, was struggling with how to lead his board well. He would present his vision and some ideas, but they never seemed to take ownership and join Tom on the journey to reach those goals. He’d tried several different approaches, but now he felt stuck. If only he had someone to help him get over this hurdle.

Many people have walked in Tom’s shoes. Maybe they haven’t faced this exact scenario, but they’ve faced challenges and would have benefited from talking to others in gaining solutions to those struggles. Even with fellow church staff members, they might be too close to the situation (or they might be the problem), and the one in need of coaching may simply need a person on the outside to help gain a better perspective and workable solutions.

Coaches within the Wesleyan Coaching Network provide opportunities for better perspectives and workable solutions through regular coaching conversations with those who desire that assistance. Coaches can help pastors gain more self-awareness and establish and reach goals, helping them remove obstacles along the way.

The Wesleyan Coaching Network was established several years ago to provide an opportunity for pastors to be trained in basic coaching skills. When pastors utilize these coaching skills, like asking questions or listening actively, they empower those they communicate with by developing enhanced conversations.

The Wesleyan Coaching Network provides a two-day training to learn the basic skills and a six-month mentor coach training to become a commissioned ministry coach. The network has trained over 100 commissioned ministry coaches in the last decade and many others have gone through the two-day training to enhance conversations.

Jerolyn Bogear, chair of the Wesleyan Coaching Network, knows coaching can make a difference in others’ lives.

“Coaching is a powerful experience, both to coach and to be coached, that will radically transform someone’s journey,” said Bogear.

The following opportunities are now available for pastors and laypersons:

  • Two-Day Coach Training: Provides coach training to pastors and laypersons to have more powerful conversations.
  • Being Coached: Provides a 1-1 coaching relationship with an approved commissioned ministry coach who has undergone coaching assessments to improve skills and is ready to coach.
  • Group Coaching: Provides group coaching for up to three individuals together over four months.
  • Zoom Coach Training: Digitally experience our Two-day Coach Training process from anywhere in the world at 2 hours per week for 5 weeks.

Learn more about the Wesleyan Coaching Network 2.0.