Finding the Messiah

Finding the Messiah is a lovely journey to the miraculous life found in Bethlehem. This is a devotional that is also a study in discipleship. It carries readers to the manger, telling the story of Mary and Joseph in a beautiful, exquisite manner. More than a deeply personal Bible study in devotion, this is also a perfect discipleship tool for small groups.

—Kathi Macias, award winning author of more than forty books, including The Singing Quilt

Through artfully told daily devotions, Jane Rubietta leads readers along a twenty-eight day journey into the heart of Advent, in search of the living Messiah. Reaching past the holiday veneer of tradition, pageantry, and glitz, she draws readers far into the spiritual depths of Christmas, where Christ can be born again into souls. This deeper approach to devotion is still accessible reading for just five to ten minutes a day.

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JANE RUBIETTA speaks worldwide, inviting her audiences to find the love they've been looking for in the arms of Jesus. She is the author of several books, including other titles in the Seasons of Deeper Devotion Series and Heartbeat of a Mother.