Advent 2013: Prepare the Way

Advent 2013: Prepare the Way

Prepare the Way features four weeks of spiritual preperation leading up to Christmas. Included are sermon outlines; disciple group lessons for children, youth, and adults; and more.

God is preparing The Way. He is an active God who loves and wants to be loved. He is a God who is near and amongst us. Being made in his image, he finds favor with us. And as the first Christians, often called the followers of “The Way,” glorified him through living their lives like Christ, how will we glorify him today? As God prepared the way for Jesus to enter into this world, and as we anticipate this birth, may you prepare the way for others to experience Christ and his love for them this Christmas season.

Series Summary

Lesson 1: Prepare the Way: He is Near (Luke 1:1-25)

Lesson 2: Prepare the Way: He is Among Us (Luke 1:26-38)

Lesson 3: Prepare the Way: He Finds Favor in Us (Luke 1:39-59)

Lesson 4: Prepare the Way: He is Glorified (Luke 2:1-20)