Aligning Membership and Discipleship

Wesleyan Church membership means we are inviting baptized believers in Jesus Christ who fully agree and abide by our Articles of Religion to belong to the church and participate as members. We align membership with discipleship. Membership is a path of discipleship. View the accompanying videos (English and Spanish) to fully grasp the significance of "believe, belong, and become."

Believe: maximizing opportunities to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Belong: strengthening relationships and participation in the Christian family and joining in discipleship.

Become: continuing spiritual growth (see the "guides and helps to holy living" in the Discipline 260-268). Spiritual growth through discipleship and leadership training may result in positional leadership, if desired.

Wes Dupin

Lead Pastor of Daybreak Community Church

Belonging Membership Video (Spanish)
Belonging Membership Leader and Participant Books

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