Webinar: Church Residencies

Have any of these kinds of questions come to mind for you about residencies: What is a residency? Can my church afford a resident? Can a non-traditional student be a resident? Are there residencies at multiethnic or ethnic-specific churches? Could this be a way to diversify my staff? How can a small church without a lot of resources and a great deal of infrastructure get a quality resident? Is there a difference between an internship and a residency? Can two churches share a resident? If your answer is yes to any of these and more…then this next webinar may be a perfect opportunity to engage with others around this topic.

We'll have both current and past residents, as well as leaders from the local church and HQ who have worked to enhance residencies and make them more accessible to all of our churches. Join this line up which includes:

  • Briana Bailey – Kentwood Community Church (Worship Resident)
  • Colby Hill – Heartland Church (Campus Pastor)
  • Joel Liechty – Education and Clergy Development (Associate Director)
  • Maggie Slusher – Spring Valley Church (Youth and Young Adult Pastor)
  • David Telfort – Plymouth Church (Associate Pastor Resident)
  • Emily Vermilya – College Wesleyan Church (Executive Pastor)

For more information or comments, contact Rev. Santes Beatty at beattys@wesleyan.org or call at 317-774-3885

Church Residencies Webinar