Coach Training Options

Coaching: Empowering Conversations to Move Ministry Forward

There are two options for coach training:

An Interactive One-Day Workshop from the Wesleyan Coaching Network

Our one-day interactive workshop is designed to give you a hands-on orientation to effective coaching in a ministry context. The six modules will give you a clear understanding of what coaching is and what it is not. You'll be introduced to key coaching skills and a conversation road map that you can use to coach anybody, anywhere, anytime, about anything.

The skills that you will gain in this workshop will equip you to facilitate and direct conversations that empower people with insights and action plans that move ministry forward.

Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry

An Interactive Two-Day Training Event from The Wesleyan Coaching Network.

Our two-day coach training workshop is designed to take you on a deeper level in the skills of coaching. You will learn advanced coaching techniques, have multiple opportunities to coach and be coached, and will get the foundation for a professional coaching relationship.

Our two-day training is required and is the first step to be a part of the Commissioned Minister Coach Process.


  • Pastors and leaders who want to discover practical skills and tools to empower those they lead for effective ministry.
  • Anyone who would like to become a Commissioned Ministry Coach in the Wesleyan Coaching Network. This training is the entry point for the mentoring process that leads to commissioning.


We'll introduce you to basic coaching principles and practices. Modules include:

  • The Power of Coaching
How Does Coaching Work?
  • Coaching in Action

  • Facilitating the Coaching Conversation
  • The GROW Model
  • Leading Through Coaching
  • Coaching Teams
  • Developing the Ministry of Coaching

During our interactive workshop, you'll have time to ask questions, gain understanding, experience a live coaching demonstration and have several opportunities to practice and sharpen your coaching skills.

Ongoing Training

To Schedule a One-Day or Two-Day Coach Training Event in Your District, contact Rhonda Moore at


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