Finding Life

With prose as living and lush as any garden, Jane Rubietta burrows deep into the themes of Lent to reveal what was lost in Eden, and what can be found beginning in Gethsemane. Finding Life is a profound yet practical Lenten companion with lessons to nourish our faith and enrich our spirit.

—Lynn Austin, speaker, author of nineteen books, including Historical Christian Fiction

Part anecdotal, part personal, totally scriptural, Jane Rubietta leads her devotional readers through the forty days of Lent with her trademark vulnerability and picturesque prose, providing in each devotion not only a good, deep read, but solid teaching and life application.

The life lost in Eden is found through Gethsemane. Follow Jane on her daily journey through Lent as she traces the way that God the Son traverses with his people—a path that leads from the exile and death represented by the garden of Eden, to resurrection life like it is meant to be, occasioned by what began in the gospel's garden of Gethsemane.

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JANE RUBIETTA speaks worldwide, inviting her audiences to find the love they've been looking for in the arms of Jesus. She is the author of several books, including other titles in the Seasons of Deeper Devotion Series and Heartbeat of a Mother.

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