Thank you for your interest in our Called Initiative.

The “What is a Wesleyan Pastor?" (WIWP) project was a series of focus group conversations to gather input from various constituencies across the church to help us determine aspirational outcomes for the formation and education of Wesleyan pastors. Approximately 450 individuals participated. The methodology was designed to maximize participation and to allow for broad input. There was a degree of inherent subjectivity, but the large volume of participants allowed for meaningful issues to become evident. The final report is part of the “Called” initiative, which seeks first to identify these aspirational outcomes. Secondly, we will continue to work with educators and district leaders that work with ministerial development to identify the best practices, pedagogy, educational format and context in which ministry students and pastors can achieve these outcomes. Lastly, this initiative and information will assist all of us involved in the formation and education of ministers as we determine processes, experiences, and curriculum for the ultimate formation and education of Wesleyan clergy.

At each location, participants identified specific descriptors for each broad domain (identifying skills, attitudes, and knowledge they felt a pastor should possess). These descriptors were then clustered and assigned a title by the participants. These descriptors and cluster titles were eventually gathered and combined into one master list. We then took each broad domain and combined clusters where appropriate and re-named the clusters into “interpretive categories” or sub-categories. The attached document presents the current results to date for each domain.

WIAWP events took place in the following locations:

1. Atlantic District, Browns Flat, NB

2. Central Canada, Brockville, ON

3. Central New York, Rochester, NY

4. Central New York, Syracuse, NY

5. DBMD Colorado/Nebraska

6. District Superintendents Institute

7. Eastern NY/New England, Rochester, NY

8. Eastern NY/New England, Waterford, NY

9. Eastern NY/New England, Malone, NY

10. FLAME, Frankfort, IN (Licensed Ministers and Ministerial Students)

11. FLAME, College Wesleyan Church, Marion, IN (Licensed Ministers and Ministerial Students)

12. FLAME, Table Rock, NC (Licensed Ministers and Ministerial Students

13. Dakota District, Sioux Falls, SD

14. Dakota District, Spearfish, SD

15. Indiana North, Marion, IN

16. Pacific South West, Antioch, CA

17. Pacific South West, Covina, CA

18. Pacific South West, Lemon Grove, CA

19. Pacific South West, Tucson, AZ

20. Tri-State, Bartlesville, OK

21. Tri-State, Enid, OK

22. Tri-State, St. Louis, MO

23. Kansas District, Manhattan, KS

24. Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University (four student cohorts, practicing pastors)