Asian Ministries

Asian Ministries exists to encourage, recruit, develop and launch into exciting ministry opportunities across N. America.  We also connect Asian leaders through relational peer networks to share best practices and similar ministry challeng
es.  Our desire is move beyond relational connections, where Asian leaders have opportunities to exchange ideas and ministry methodologies, deepen personal leadership qualities, and to encourage and pray for one another. The final and most important purpose is to develop a foundation for a healthy ministry from the lens of Asian experience.

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Asian Ministries Team

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Rev. Ed Garcia

Rev. Ed Garcia

Asian Ministries Leader

Rev. Ed Garcia is married to Juanita Garcia. They have two sons, Bryan and Alan, who are both married to their wives, Elsa & Jessica. They are blessed with two granddaughters, Hannah and Ava Garcia. He is a product of, & is greatly indebted to, Wesleyan Missions in the Philippines. In 1982, God opened the door for him to pursue his ministerial preparation at Asbury Theological Seminary. He has pastored two churches – – Zephyrhills Wesleyan Church in Zephyrhills, Florida from 1986 – 2000, and Vista, California – Cornerstone Christian Church, from July 2000 to the present.

His passion for church renewal and refocusing has seen both churches undergo significant turnarounds. Their current church has planted one church in Temecula, CA, built five churches in the Philippines, and is currently assisting a Hispanic church plant in their facility.

“Our passion, priority, and prayer for our church is that it might effectively reach our community and ‘world’ with the life changing message of Jesus Christ and see people enter into a personal relationship with Him.”

Celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple and a church multiples itself, until The Wesleyan Church has a transforming presence in every zipcode.