Webinars and Cohorts

Below are webinars that showcase discipleship models. View webinars from ministry leaders who have shared what they do in their context. While each context is unique, these models can provide helpful starts as you think about designing discipleship journeys for your church.

Discipleship in a Multiethnic Context – CMAD Webinar 

Would you like to know what discipleship looks like in a multiethnic context? We had a great conversation with Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand’s Assistant National Superintendent Rev. Brett Jones.

This Webinar was presented live on Tuesday, the 7th of December, 2017. Click here to watch the replay.

Pillars that Hold Up Discipleship – CMAD Webinar 

The entire Church Multiplication And Discipleship team is on board to share with you our understanding of the Discipleship prompts that can help guide you as you plan your discipleship model.

Hear from Anita Eastlack, Executive Director of Church Multiplication And Discipleship; Kim Gladden, Director of Discipleship, Dr. Ed Love, Director of Multiplication; Santes Beatty, Director of Multiethnic Ministries; and Zach Coffin, Director of Next Gen Multiplication and Discipleship.

This Webinar was presented live on Tuesday, the 26th of September, 2017. Click here to watch the replay.

Zach Szmara of Immigrant Connections

How do we live out The Great Commission and The Greatest Commandment? One way might be to deepen our discipleship through cross cultural service. If you would like to view our webinar on Immigrant Connection with Zach Szmara from May 2017, click here to watch!

Christopher and Tammy Baldwin of The Vine Wesleyan Church

The signature ministries of The Vine are prayer, outreach, and discipling. Learn more about Pastors Christopher and Tammy Baldwin’s discipleship model as they share from the heart in this webinar from April 2017. Click here to view.

Steve DeNeff and Eric Crisp of College Wesleyan Church 

College Wesleyan Church’s model of discipleship based on the book Soul Shift is discussed during this impactful hour with Dr. Steve DeNeff and Pastor Eric Crisp. To view the Discipleship Model webinar with Pastor Steve DeNeff from February 2017, click here to watch.

Tom & Sarah Cochran of Expansion Church and Jon Brady of Eden Wesleyan Church 

Tom and Sarah Cochran share their discipleship model at Expansion Church called a Spiritual Formation Growth Track. And Jon Brady also shared their discipleship tool at Eden Wesleyan Church called 12 Pieces A Discipleship Journey. Both interviews are a valuable resource we are grateful to offer. If you are interested in our Discipleship webinar with Tom and Sarah Cochran and Jon Brady from December 2016, click here to watch the replay.


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