Education & Clergy Development offers a variety of resources to help clergy and spouses to be healthy, fit and effective in their ministry and personal lives. Here you will find retreat locations, clergy spouse support, coaching opportunities, resources for the whole person and much more. We believe God cares more about you than what you do.

Dave Higle

Dave Higle

Director, Clergy Development

Clergy Care Resources & Programs

Flourishing in Pastoral Ministry Conference

This purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for presenting the latest research results and best practices for clergy wellbeing. It is sponsored by a partnership of Education & Clergy Development, The Center for Vocational Ministry at Azusa Pacific University, and the Division of Graduate Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University. This conference is targeted toward counselors, denominational leaders and others interested in providing care for clergy. Please watch for upcoming conferences.

New Pastors Orientation

Education and Clergy Development offers this annual event to help orietn newly appointed and transferring pastors to the mission, ethos and resources oft he Wesleyan Church.  ECD desires New Pastors and their Spouses to feel connected, supported, and empowered as they walk into ministry with The Wesleyan Church. The New Pastor Orientation (NPO) helps to do just that by offering newly ordained or first appointment pastors, chaplains, and transfers from other denominations the opportunity to get to know the denomination better through personal connections with leaders, fellow pastors, and helpful resources. This event will help New Pastors to….

  • Become better oriented to the mission and ethos of The Wesleyan Church
  • Become aware of the ministries, resources and opportunities of the Church
  • Gain insights into new trends in the Wesleyan Church
  • Establish support systems to ensure a good start in ministry
  • Develop a network with other pastors, colleagues, and general church leaders
  • Share their observations & insights to help improve the ministry formation & education
Wesleyan Sermons

Preaching is incarnational: it’s one of the primary ways that Word becomes flesh again. To faithfully incarnate a sermon, the Church needs resources dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and equipping preachers for a lifelong call to healthy, fit, and effective ministry. That’s what is all about. Since we’re part of the Wesleyan Church, our mission flows parallel to the Wesleyan vision: to transform lives, churches, and communities with the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ. But while we feature Wesleyan preachers, this resource is valuable beyond the boundaries of The Wesleyan Church. No matter what denomination you belong to, helps drive your preaching forward. We do so through three primary ways:

  1. Content: We write content! On, you’ll find tons of articles about how you can improve your preaching and your ministry. You’ll find sermon reviews featuring a diverse crowd of great Wesleyan preachers: including various ages, styles, genders, and locations.
  1. Collaboration: We help you network with others! This site will continue to develop into an index of sermon topics, passages, and ideas for sermons—and you get to help create this community. We’re going to keep opening up new opportunities for you to work together.
  1. Conferences: We help you get together! We want to connect you with others at some of the best preaching conferences in your area. This means we’ll launch some conferences of our own, and feature great preaching conferences around North America.

As God continues to use you, we hope this sermon can be a helpful amalgamation of resources, relationships, and rallies that drive your preaching forward. For the Good of the Kingdom, –

The Gathering
Pastor Spouse Connection

Welcome to the Pastor’s Spouse Connection! If you are married to a pastor, this ministry is for you! PSC began in 2014 when a small group gathered to pray and brainstorm about ways we could serve pastors’ spouses. So many of you are busy, lonely, and in need of connection with other spouses who understand the unique opportunities and challenges in ministry.  Visit our website to find out ways you can connect.  Pastor Spouse Connection 

800-53PASTOR Clergy Care Help Line

A confidential toll-free number for Wesleyan pastors, spouses, children and missionaries to call during times of personal need.

Clergy Care 800 Helpline

Retreat Locations for pastors

Retreat locations for pastors and families throughout the U.S. and in several other countries.

Pastor for Life Resources

Clergy Care Partners

ECD is proud to partner with several organizations for helping to develop healthy, fit, and effective pastors. Clergy Care Partners.  

Pastor Appreciation Resources

Being a pastor is widely recognized as one of the most difficult vocations in society. Every October, churches across North America pay tribute to pastors and their ministry.  Online resources from Education & Clergy Development and others, available for local churches to show their love and appreciation for pastors and spouse.

Personal Wellbeing Assessment

What if you had a simple way to assess your own wellbeing on a regular basis? Would you do it?  Domain Assessments can help you do your own self-check in just a few minutes of your time, at your convenience.

How are you doing … really? Discover the domain that may be posing a challenge for you and even isolate a specific subdomain that may be at the root of the challenge.  So let’s get started by picking one or several of the domains such as relational, emotional, marital, physical, spiritual.  You can take the assessment over time and you will be able to compare the results of today with last week, last month or even last year.

Thrive in 5
Thrive in 5 is a short, electronic resource for pastors offering thoughtful insights (and more) around six key domains for flourishing in life and ministry: spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, financial, intellectual. Everyone is busy, but taking even five minutes to consider your personal well-being can lead to a life-time of healthy, fit and effective ministry.

Thrive in 5 


Clergy Care Blogs

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More Resources

For more free downloadable resources for clergy care, visit our resource center.