Early Ministry Initiative 


The Early Ministry Initiative exists to create a network of churches, thought leaders, and lead practitioners who will provide effective apprenticeship, internship and mentoring programs for new ministers in order to develop healthy, fit and effective ministers from the beginning of their ministry.

This Initiative helps healthy local churches and effective pastors provide entering ministers with the development, support, and training needed during the first five years of ministry. Whether a new graduate from college or a second career pastor, The Wesleyan Church wants the first five years of your ministry to develop a healthy, fit and effective Ministry. The first five years of ministry are critical for the future trajectory of a new minister’s life and thus Wesleyans get entering ministers to work for 1-2 years as a “Resident pastor” in a local church where an experienced minister offers mentoring and coaching and entering ministers get the practical ministry experience that better prepares them for a life of ministry. Our job in Education and Clergy Developmentis to network entering ministers with experienced pastors and local churches and offer resources to each so that The Wesleyan Church has a variety of models of Residency Programs in various kinds of local churches.  Please see below for information on becoming a Resident and for Resources for Churches in developing your own residency program.

Residency Information for Students

Residency Information for Churches