Thriving Clergy
Pastoral ministry requires the ability to withstand the emotional stresses of life and to respond appropriately across the wide range of human emotion. It involves the ability to be “present” and empathetic to others and bounce back from adversity.

At Full Strength Navigating The Risks All Pastors Face
The Complete Survival Guide for Those Who Serve in Ministry and Other Caregiving Vocations
Denny Howard, LMHC, LMFT, Licensed Clinical Counselor
with Hugh White, MDiv


“Myths about Clergy Burnout.” Tom Nees. An article that identifies a number of myths about clergy burnout without denying the challenging realities of ministry today. (article)

Pastors at Risk: Help for Pastors, Hope for the Church

H.B. London & Neil Wiseman

Renewal strategies for pastors who are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of pastoral ministry.

Pastors at Greater Risk

  H.B. London & Neil Wiseman

 Sequel to Pastors at Risk

Rebuilding Your Broken World

  Gordon MacDonald

MacDonald cites courses of emotional, moral, and spiitual counsel for restoration, renewal, and prevention for the future.


Shadow of Depression

                                                              Gary Lovejoy

A concise guide to depression and strategies for prevention and renewal. Through our unique partnership with Jimmy Dodd of PastorServe , Wesleyan pastors are being offered two annual subscription packages. PastorCare packages include up to 8 sessions of personal coaching, two-hour marriage check-up with certified counselor, quarterly e-letter for dealing pre-emptively with conflict, and possible district training event. The second package (PastorCare+) also includes a four-days/three nights vacation at a high quality retreat center in Tennessee.

Self Care:

Flourishing in Ministry is a project at Notre Dame University, focused on the well-being of clergy and their families, with whom Education & Clergy Development is partnering. This project examines what motivates pastors and priests to be engaged in ministry—and what disrupts them from experiencing well-being in their work. In our research, we attempt to explore how clergy—often working with lean resources—can give so much to others, and experience a sense of fulfillment and growth in their daily work lives.

The Competent Pastor: Skills and Self-Knowledge For Serving Well

Ronald D. Sisk

What does it mean to say that a pastor is competent? And how does a competent pastor function? This book is intended to help pastors, seminarians, and lay people who work with pastors understand and answer these two questions.


Clergy Self-Care: Finding a Balance for Effective Ministry 

R. M. Oswald

Oswald identifies specific stressors in ministry and strategies for personal wellness.

The Wounded Minister: Healing From and Preventing Personal Attacks

Guy Greenfield

For pastors who experience abusive lay leaders, this book offers guidance for personal healing from wounds and how to establish a church culture that can prevent clergy from abuse.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Peter Scazzero

 Scazzero makes a strong case for the link between emotional health and spiritual maturity and wisdom for developing wholeness. A highly influential book.

Joy and Positive Perspective:

Thanks!: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make you Happier

Robert Emmons
Emmons demonstrates how living a life of gratitude can lead to impressive healthful benefits.

The Psychology of Happiness: Kim Gaines Eckert. A Christianity Today article on the nature of happiness, happiness studies, and how we experience it. (article)
Cultivation Gratitude. Robert Emmons