Thrive Financial Initiative
Paying attention to personal finances is an important part of self-care for clergy and their families. Personal finances can have significant impact on all areas of life: personal relationships, future retirement, education, recreation, growth in faith, and ability to effectively serve the church. Money can be a tool for good or ill. Be intentional to allow it to work intentionally towards God’s glory and your ability to flourish.


“Majority of Pastors Suffer in Silence Over Financial Challenges”: An informative article by the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) about the state of clergy finances and struggle of clergy to discuss their financial needs. (article)

Studies on clergy financial well-being and clergy compensation: A brief article reflecting findings from Dr. Matthew Bloom of the University of Notre Dame. (article)

“Five Things You Should Know About Pastors’ Salaries”: By: Thom S. Rainer. (article)

Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™: The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. There are a number of financial resources available including clergy taxes, clergy social security, compensation data, podcasts, webinars and much more. (web site)

Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace: Ramsey offers a number of financial resources including debt reduction strategies. (web site)


The Ron Blue Institute: A number of video resources on investing including retirement issues, saving for college, investing vs. saving, and many more. (web site)

Forbes: A concise, informative article on ways to start investing. (article)


The Ron Blue Institute: Offers a number of video resources on the subject of debt, decision-making, mortgages, credit cards and much more. (web page)

MoneyLife Mentoring Crown Financial: Crown Financial offers a debt reduction mentoring program for those who need to get a handle on their finances. (web site)

Clergy Financial Health:


There is hope! 

Dr. Mark A. Rennaker traces the development of the HOPE Project, a multi-year research and relief effort that has changed the lives of pastors, revitalized churches, and resulted in the transformation of communities.


Generous Giving: Finding Contentment through Giving.  Ron Blue.

In this book, “Blue explains why openhanded spirit is the key to contentment, freedom and joy.”