Ministerial students will find that they have several options to complete requirements for credentials including attending one of our Wesleyan Colleges/Universities, approved seminaries, FLAMA, district extension, Kingswood Extended, or Cross Training courses. Hundreds of people are being called to serve the Kingdom as ministers of the Gospel. Many of them are second-career, non-traditional students who are looking for accessible ways to complete their educational requirements. This page explores several pathways available to complete your academic training for credentialing in The Wesleyan Church.

Equipping for your Calling

Select the Education Pathway based on your Credential Pathway aspirations.

A few helpful tips as you select an Education Pathway: 

  • If you are pursuing the Credential Pathway for Lay Ministersselect a Lay Minister Education Pathway or complete the courses through an Ordained/Commissioned/Licensed Minister Education Pathway below.
  • If you are completing the Credential Pathway for Ordained/Commissioned/Licensed Ministry, select one of the Ordained/Commissioned/Licensed  Education Pathways.

Lay Minister Education Pathways

These programs are approved by Education and Clergy Development and will help you achieve the education requirements for the Lay Minister Credential Pathway in The Wesleyan Church.

  • Complete the required courses for the lay credential from one of the approved Ordained/Commissioned/License Pathways below.
  • Disciples Unleashed: a curriculum with learning activities, final projects, and custom rubrics for developing and assessing competence.
  • Kingswood Expedition:  offers programs to achieve all the education requirements for credentials in The Wesleyan Church.

Licensed, Commissioned & Ordained Minister Education Pathways

Wesleyan University Degree Programs

These Education Pathways are approved to meet education requirements for the respective Credential Pathways in The Wesleyan Church.  Approved education pathways must include Wesleyan History & Discipline and Doctrine of Holiness course electives if they are not already included in the program requirements.

Approved Seminary Degree Programs

*Wesleyan History & Discipline is not included in the MDIV degree. It must be completed as an elective if offered by the institution or through another Approved Education Pathway.

Ministry Training Programs for Education Requirements

Kingswood Extended

Kingswood Extended offers two ordination credit course options for those looking to prepare for effective ministry in the local church:  Self-Paced (formerly Correspondence Courses and Virtual Classroom (formerly FLAME) Courses.


es un programa academico en Español para preparar estudiantes ministeriales para la licencia ministerial y la ordenación en La Iglesia Wesleyana.

Cross Training

An online ordination program offered through Oklahoma Wesleyan for pastors desiring to be ordained in the Wesleyan Church.

Competency Portfolio

An option that allows an individual to demonstrate mastery of a particular area of academic training standards by documenting extensive experience and/or study such as a combination of related courses, seminars, research and reading.

District Extension Classes

Courses offered for fulfillment of the academic requirements for ordination in The Wesleyan Church. Offered at the discretion of Wesleyan Church District offices. Please reach out to your District for more information on any course offerings.  

Course Finder

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