Education Pathways

Equipping for your Calling

Select the Education Pathway based on your Credential Pathway aspirations.

A few helpful tips as you select an Education Pathway: 

  • If you are stopping after completing the Credential Pathway for Lay Ministers, select a Lay Minister Education Pathway.
  • If you completing the Credential Pathway for Licensed and/or Ordained Ministry, select one of the Licensed or Ordained Minister Education Pathways. You will be able to select program(s) to address both your academic foundations and your practical ministry competence.

These Education Pathways are approved to meet education requirements for the respective Credential Pathways in The Wesleyan Church.

Lay Minister Education Pathways

Select a Lay Minister Education Pathway:

These programs are approved by Education and Clergy Development and will help you achieve the education requirements for the Lay Minister Credential Pathway in The Wesleyan Church.

Licensed & Ordained Minister Educational Pathways

Select a Licensed or Ordained Minister Education Pathway for Academic Requirements*

College Degree Education Pathways for Academic Requirements*

Seminary Degree Education Pathways for Academic Requirements*

**Evangelical Seminary offers a competency-based MDIV program to achieve academic requirements and supervised ministry.

Ministry Training Programs for Academic Requirements*

*Select a Practical Ministry Program below to complete your supervised ministry requirements or ask your Education Pathway above how to incorporate the beta-test supervised ministry requirement.

Supervised Ministry

Select an Education Pathway to complete your supervised ministry. These programs help you develop the competence for practical ministry in the local church. As such, select one of these Education Pathways when you are in a pastoral ministry position. You may do this:

  • While completing academic requirements (above) if in a pastoral ministry position during coursework.
  • Or after completing academic requirements (above) once in a pastoral ministry position.


  • Option 1: The Education Pathway you chose above to complete the academic requirements may have a way for you to incorporate the supervised ministry requirement. Ask your program director how Wesleyan credential-track students complete the supervised ministry component in the beta-test.  
  • Option 2: Kingswood Extended Expedition
    • Standard Expedition Path achieves all lay minister education requirements as well as both practical ministry and academic foundations required education for licensing and ordination.
    • An Experimental Combined Path achieves all the lay, licensed and/or ordained minister education requirements
    • An Experimental Assessment Path for assessment of prior learning, education and/or practical ministry experience.
  • Option 3: Ministry Apprenticeship: A Local Church Competency Program is a no-frills, basic program for assessing practical ministry competence for lay, licensed, and ordained ministry. This is a great program for achieving practical ministry competence while or after completing a degree program above (when in a pastoral ministry position).

Are you interested in launching (or a leader of) a ministry education and formation program that would like to seek approval to guide candidates in developing, achieving, and being assessed for ministry competencies? We are always looking to partner with others. Contact us!