Thriving Clergy

Our physical bodies have an impact on our spiritual lives and ability to be there for others. If a pastor is not physically healthy, it is doubtful that she or he will be able to adequately meet the daily demands of ministry. Sound physical care should be considered a matter of stewardship of the body. This includes establishing consistent cycles of work, sleep, recreation, healthy nutrition and stimulating exercise.


RunKeeper: An exercise app that is great for monitoring and tracking any kind of exercise. (app)

My Exercise Plan: takes a powerful approach to helping you stick with your exercise program. (website)

Excercise is Medicine: A website dedicated to helping you find a fitness program that works for you. It includes a pre-assessment questionnaire that suggests your readiness for physical exercise. (website and assessment)


OneRx: An app that finds discounts on medication. (app)

Which way to Clergy Health? Bob Wells. (2012). An article from Duke Clergy Health Initiative on the status of clergy health.(article)

Fit for Ministry: By: Amy Frykolm: (2012). A Christian Century article on the physical well-being of pastors, current studies and suggested responses, including educating the congregation about clergy well-being. (article)


My Fitness Pal: is “a website that helps people count their calories by entering them into an online diary, as well as keep track of their exercise. It’s for anyone with a busy life, looking to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight. It can be tailored to fit the needs of anyone with specific and/or doctor/dietitian-recommended requirements. The free application is available for Blackberry, Android, Windows, and the iPhone. A fitness website and app that includes community forum, calorie counter, exercise tracker.”

2015 US Dietary Guidelines: An informative resource guide to healthy nutrition and other helpful information for eating well and staying healthy. (website)