Becoming a Coach

Do you want to be a better leader of your team? Do you want to make your interactions with your people more powerful? Then learning some coaching skills will do just that. After over 30 years in local church ministry, I can easily say that becoming a coach is the most effective leadership “tool” I possess. I am able to have more productive conversations with my staff, ask better questions that create buy-in with my team, and simply have learned to value others more. There are a couple of different levels of training with the Wesleyan Coaching Network. We hope you take advantage of this valuable ministry tool. ~ Jerolyn Bogear, WCN Chair

Coach Training

Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry

An Interactive Two-Day Training Event from The Wesleyan Coaching Network, Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry. Our two-day coach training workshop is designed to take you on a deeper level in the skills of coaching. You will learn advanced coaching techniques, have multiple opportunities to coach and be coached, and will get the foundation for a coaching relationship. Our two-day training is required and is the first step to be a part of the Commissioned Ministry Coach Process. 


During our interactive workshops, you’ll have time to ask questions, gain understanding, experience a live coaching demonstration and have several opportunities to practice and sharpen your coaching skills.

Virtual Apprentice Coach Training!

Zoom Coach Training – A new training format is being prepared right now. It will include short videos to watch on your own and only two 2-hour workshops using the Zoom platform from your own home/office for only $99. No travel/housing/meal expenses necessary!

New Dates for 2023: LEARNING CENTER OPENING – MARCH 7TH. 2-HOUR ZOOM SESSIONS – MARCH 20 & 27, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

If you are interested in coach training, contact Jerolyn Bogear,


What You’ll Learn

We’ll introduce you to basic coaching principles and practices. Modules include:

  • The Power of Coaching
  • How Does Coaching Work?
  • Coaching in Action
  • Facilitating the Coaching Conversation
  • The GROW Model
  • Leading Through Coaching
  • Coaching Teams
  • Developing the Ministry of Coaching

Who Should Attend 

  • Pastors and leaders who want to discover practical skills and tools to empower those they lead for effective ministry.
  • Anyone who would like to become a Commissioned Ministry Coach in the Wesleyan Coaching Network. This training is the entry point for the mentoring process that leads to commissioning.

To Schedule a One-Day or Two-Day Coach Training Event in Your District, contact Jerolyn Bogear

Wesleyan Coaching Network Levels

Apprentice Coach
The Apprentice Coach is the first level of training in the Wesleyan Coaching Network. Attend a Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry two-day workshop and begin using coaching skills in your life and ministry. You will increase the effectiveness of your leadership through more powerful conversations. Apprentice coaches can also go on to participate in the Commissioned Ministry Coach process through the 6-Month Coach/Mentor Process. Trainings for 2019 will soon be announced.

Some of the processes that will occur in the 2-Day training:

  • Learn the coaching process
  • Explore effective techniques for asking powerful questions
  • Learn coaching skills through observation and participation
  • Become an Apprentice Coach


Commissioned Ministry Coach

Commissioned Ministry Coaches have completed our Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry and the 6-Month Coach Mentor Process to place them on a list of recommended coaches available to coach Wesleyan leaders and churches. Our CMCs are listed on our website. Our Commissioned Ministry Coach Process builds on the coaching skills received at our Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective Ministry. As a Commissioned Ministry Coach in the Wesleyan Coaching Network, you will be a recommended coach for others. Our Commissioned Ministry Coach Process takes about seven months. The process involves:

Training: Start with Coaching 2.0. 

Experience: Sharpen Coaching Skills (6-Month Coach Mentor Process)

  • Coach two people for six sessions each (approximately 6 months)
  • Be mentored by a Coach Mentor for six sessions to grow in your coaching capacity. You’ll experience one-on-one mentoring and coaching triads.
  • Read Becoming a Coaching Leader by Daniel Harkavy
  • Read Leadership Coaching by Tony Stolzfus
  • Document at least 25 hours of intentional coaching
  • Identify your behavioral profile through DISC and improve interpersonal skills.

Assessment: Others Confirm

  • Feedback from Coach Mentor
  • Take a 360 Online Coach Assessment
  • Complete Commissioned Ministry Coach requirements – Pass final assessment and evaluation

Cost: $400 for the 6-month Commissioned Ministry Coach Process For more information: Contact Jerolyn Bogear at . Commissioning is done in groups at various times throughout the year. Deadline for registration: Two weeks after each Coaching 2.0 eventMoney due at time of registration.

Coach Mentor
Coach mentors have at least 50 hours of coaching experience and help apprentice coaches through our 6-Month Coach Mentor Process to become a Commissioned Ministry Coach.
Coach Trainer
Coach Trainers have at least 100 hours of coaching experience and are part of our Coach Training Team.