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May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday is a reminder of the day God’s Spirit flowed into and out of his people transforming their communities—unleashing revival and awakening.

What if every Wesleyan church joined together by unleashing a multiplication movement into new communities everywhere? As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost Sunday this year, may we fearlessly continue expressing Jesus’ original vision of multiplication!

Church Multiplication Sunday gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Pray for future workers of the harvest 
  • Become broken for those who are missing from Christ and the church 
  • Communicate your church’s vision for multiplication 
  • Provide a strategic giving day for churches to raise additional funds that directly support multiplication initiatives connected to your church, planting network or district church planting project 

Every church can UNLEASH fresh expressions of the Good News!


In addition to praying and encouraging future workers of the Lord’s harvest, Church Multiplication Sunday is also a way for churches to raise funds for church multiplication initiatives. Churches may choose to give to their own church’s multiplication efforts, their church planting network, or their district’s church planting initiatives. Churches can determine their preferred form of giving. They may choose to designate all (or a portion of that Sunday’s offering), take up a special offering or allocate local mission funds. The big idea is that the funds raised on CMS would be connected to the heart of the congregation and would be used to support our workers of the harvest.

Multiplying Disciples by Winfield Bevins

There have been over two thousand years of church history and disciple-making multiplication. Multiplying Disciples seeks to draw wisdom from the well of church history by looking at several important disciple-making movements: The Celtic Movement, The Moravian Movement, and the Methodist Movement. Each one of these movements offer vital contributions to the church and when discovered, they can rediscover the power of working together for the great commission to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ for the 21st century.



Kit to include:

  • CMS 2020 Leadership Checklist & Rollout Strategy
  • Sermon Bumper
  • CMS 2020 Message Outline
  • Kids Ministry Lesson Guide and Take Home Sheet
  • Youth Message Outline