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God sent me ahead of you . . . to save your lives. (Gen. 45:7)

After being released from prison, Scott Lang attempted to get his life on track. He found a job but was quickly fired because he had been in prison. So, without a job, he returned to his former lifestyle and broke into a house with a safe. (Some may have realized that Scott Lang is a fictional superhero from a movie. But before becoming a superhero, he was a burglar.) After breaking into a house, he realized he was going to need the owner’s fingerprint. Using Scotch tape, a key ring, superglue, and a doorknob, Scott molded a fingerprint, opening the door to a room with a safe. Scott knew that, although not home, the owner’s fingerprints were all over the house. This is similar to the story about Joseph. Joseph recognized that God’s fingerprint is all over the place.

Often, it is hard to see a fingerprint because it seems invisible or insignificant. However, the impact of a fingerprint can be huge. In the fictional story, a fingerprint unlocked a door. In reality it has solved crimes. So, just because God is not visible does not mean he is not moving mountains. In fact, he already moved the biggest mountain, sin, and sent his Son ahead to save our lives.

Praise God for salvation and deliverance.

T. J. Albertson has been pastoring for seventeen years, the last fifteen as interchurch service. He is a doctoral student at Wesley Seminary and loves teaching the whole Bible and its relevance to life.

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