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Join the Movement.

What is a movement anyways? A movement is grassroots. A movement comes from within. It is something that you believe in and therefore, you share this passion with others. This vision spreads and becomes a movement.

What are U passionate about? Have a U ever considered the unreached people groups? The unreached are people who may never have the opportunity 2 hear about Jesus – unless we go and tell them. They cannot walk down the street and visit a church, they cannot hear about Jesus from their neighbor and they certainly cannot begin 2 understand how much Jesus loves them because there is no one who speaks their language 2 tell them.

What is the challenge? To give at least 2 years of your life and invest it in an unreached area of the world. Is this a hard challenge? YES. Is it a sacrifice? YES. Will it change the world? YES!

U will be able to meet other young people who are passionate about the world, passionate about Jesus and going against all norms. They are giving up a part of their life for the Kingdom, for eternity. They are sacrificing for the unreached. They have already joined the movement.

Will U take the challenge? Will U give at least 2 years of your life to the unreached? To people in Europe, Asia or the Muslim World? Will U?

Join the Movement.

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