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Goer Groups

On average, it takes 7 years from the time a person knows they will be serving overseas until they actually arrive at their country of service. It is very difficult to stay engaged and encouraged during these preparation years. It is for this reason that GOer groups exist.

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A GOer group is an ongoing group whose purpose is to encourage each other in pursuit toward long-term mission overseas. A GOer group is comprised ONLY of people who know they will be going overseas to serve in a long-term capacity.

Each GOer group should have two leaders. Every GOer group member knows they will be leaving for the field in the future. Therefore, having two leaders will allow the group to continue if one leader leaves for the mission field. Once one leader is gone, the group then chooses another leader to keep the “two-leader” rule.

The purpose of a GOer group is to meet together and encourage each other toward the goal of being a long-term missionary. The group is going to change because members will be leaving for the field at different times. This is a good thing! Many groups meet once a month for Dinner and spend that evening together. Other groups may meet at a coffee shop, or during a Lunch break.

It is easy to start a GOer group. First, find a few people who are living their lives in pursuit of going overseas as long-term missionaries. Talk with them about starting a GOer group and see if they would be interested in meeting together. Once you begin to meet, continue to add members.

A GOer group is informal and encouraging. You can also do a variety of activities with your GOer group. Perhaps you just want to meet together for a meal and encourage each other. Maybe you want to study historical missionary figures. Perhaps you’ll want to bring in a guest speaker for a meeting. Maybe you decide to spend an evening praying for the world. GOer groups exist to encourage each other and can be designed to match the needs and interests of your GOer group members. Be creative!

For more information on GOer groups, please contact the Mobilization Office at or 800.707.7715.

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