Rationale and Explanation of the Administrative Fee
Assessed by Global Partners

We purpose to be open and transparent in the stewardship of gifts entrusted to Global Partners.

Currently 88% of every dollar donated (with the exception of donations given for missionary support) goes directly to international ministries. The other 12% is used for responsible management, accounting, planning, and support.

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In the interest of full disclosure, Global Partners wishes to explain how it calculates and administers its administrative fee of 12%.

Global Partners is a donor-funded organization. In other words, GP relies upon the funds generated through the ministries, missionaries, and projects to operate. We operate and oversee these ministries globally, send out and care for our missionaries and process and promote the projects from the fields represented. All organizations have administrative costs. In comparison to similar organizations, Global Partners’ administrative fees are among the lowest. This is a result of our strong commitment to fiscal responsibility and our goal to see the greatest good accomplished through the giving of our donors.

Global Partners assesses a 12% administrative fee on every dollar donated with the exception of funds given for the support of our missionaries. Currently a 10% administrative fee is assessed on dollars given for missionary support. GP is committed to reducing the administrative fee on missionary support as funding allows.

Although an administrative fee is standard practice for non-profit organizations, Global Partners wants our donors to be aware of how funds are handled and how fees are assessed.

Example: Field "A" decides to purchase a new tractor at a cost of $8,800. The field must receive this amount in order to purchase the tractor. Field "A" sends a project request to GP seeking to receive $8,800 through donations. Since the administrative fee will be assessed on every dollar donated through GP, the outcome is illustrated below:

Amount Requested from Global Partners$8,800.00
Administrative Support 12%$1,200.00
Total Project Cost$10,000.00

Global Partners and the project manager will inform the donor that $10,000 is needed to complete the project (not $8,800). Just as a builder includes the costs of permits, government fees, and architectural services in the cost of a building, GP projects include the 12% administrative fee. The administration fee is not "in addition to" but is part and parcel of every project. This is important to understand. Administrative fees do not increase the amount of the project; rather they are an included cost of the project.

What services or benefit does the administrative fee provide? These services include but are not limited to: receipting, promotion, trustworthy provision of funds to the field, proper reporting on use of funds, guaranteed compliance with government expectations for charitable donations, and follow-up with donors.

Global Partners is honored to serve the North American Wesleyan Church and our Global Partners’ fields by processing and promoting projects and assisting in the administrative needs that go with them. The 12% administrative fee insures that Global Partners remains a strong and viable organization capable of executing its mission and objectives around the world.

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