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Pastor Cheats People


A pastor in a small independent church came to see the JESUS film. He was a poorly educated man who had served in this particular church for many years. But after seeing the film he came to us and said he had never heard of such a gospel as this and that he knew he had been cheating people with a powerless gospel for a long time. He said that his life was truly changed when he heard Jesus say, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever.” He said that he had eaten that bread, and he wants that bread to change him. This was a surprising and good testimony to us.

A Swell Testimony


At one of our showings we got to the village late but went ahead and showed the film, starting at about 9:00 p.m. A man who had been suffering for three years from a swelling in his body came to the showing. He had spent a lot of money on witchdoctors and had sacrificed the blood of many animals in the Hindu temples, but nothing could heal him. He was so depressed that he thought of committing suicide. Some time before, a lady had told him that new life is only in Jesus Christ. When he was watching the JESUS film, he saw that Jesus healed many sick people and thought he might also be healed.

 After the film was finished, he came to us and said that he wanted to accept Jesus because he had seen Jesus can do wonderful things, and he believed that Jesus is the real God. We told him to have strong faith in Him and trust from the heart and pray to Him, so all your weakness and illness will be healed. He asked us to pray for him, and then we started praying for him. As we were praying he started to sweat from his whole body and then he started to shiver. Then after a long prayer, he came to a normal condition. We are so much thankful to our Christ for working in the hearts of other people.

Witch Doctor Saved in Northern Ghana


One man had been a fetish priest all his life. He lived in the Upper Volta region of Ghana and came to watch the JESUS film out of curiosity. He had never seen anyone like Jesus. But his heart was caught and convicted as he saw Jesus raise to life a girl who was dead. He, along with others, was saved at this event, and a new preaching post has been established in that area.

Rainy Season Follow-up

Sierra Leone

In the Makeni district the JESUS film was instrumental in planting most of the new churches in past years. The ardent objective of the board and pastors in the district for this new church year is to strengthen the already existing churches through the JESUS film, revivals, and effective sound teaching on doctrinal, moral, and social issues. The JESES film would be shown in the two main local dialects of the people (Temne and Krio). Sustainable church growth provides room for sound biblical teaching. The second team in the north is motivated and equipped to help the district.

Added to the strengthening of existing churches, an area called Timbo has been mapped out for planting of two additional churches. Evangelistic work has already commenced there. The district observes regular quarterly conferences for all pastors. This has helped a lot in the running of the district. This activity has further motivated stronger churches to double up with younger churches.

Witchcraft’s Failure


In one of the places where we went, there lived a man who had worked in witchcraft for more than 20 years. But about two months before we went to his village, he had become ill and was bedridden. His witchcraft could not heal him, and others more powerful than himself had been called in to help him. But no matter how many chickens and goats they sacrifices, it was to no avail.

We went to this place to show JESUS film, and this man’s daughter came to watch. In the film she saw Jesus healing a lady and woke her up from the bed. She thought maybe my father could be healed. After the film finished she came to us and requested us to pray for her father. Then, that night, we went to her house and she introduced her father to us. We told him that his disease could only be healed by Christ; therefore, we were here to pray for him. We asked for his permission to pray for him. We started to pray for him, and after a long prayer we heard a voice coming from him which said, “We will leave him but don’t destroy us.” It was an evil spirit’s voice. The man began to be agitated, but we continued to pray for him. After an hour the evil spirit left his body and he was delivered. When we told him that he is completely healed, he declared, “Your God is the only true God. I will accept Him and leave witchcraft from now onwards. I will accept Jesus only.” He was very thankful and grateful for what Jesus has done. 

In this way, his life got changed in the precious name of God. We are also really thankful to our heavenly Father.

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