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Here is a listing of current needs for the JESUS Film Partnership followed by some different ways for individuals, small groups, churches, and organizations to get involved. While many of the needs represent larger amounts of funding, it is important to remember that each of us can make a difference. A gift of just $10 allows us to show the JESUS film to 25 people and 10 of them will respond.
Current JFP Needs:
  • New Team Sponsorships [$24,000 each] -- first year cost for a new team is considerably higher. We have requests for new teams in Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa.
  • Sponsorship of Existing Teams [$20,000 / year] -- a number of our existing teams are in need of ongoing partners. In addition, we have teams in Guyana, Honduras, and Suriname that we would like to reactivate if we had funding.
  • Team Vehicles [$6,000 - $24,000] -- vehicles are needed for teams in Mozambique, North East India, Sierra Leone, and Zambia.
  • Equipment Upgrades [$4,500 each] -- at least 6 existing teams need their equipment updated. This is a high priority need for JFP.
  • Recurring Monthly Support -- individuals can sign-up for automatic recurring monthly donations by debiting your bank account or credit card. Click to download bank debit information. Click to give with your credit card. Call 800.707.7715 for assistance in setting up recurring donations for JFP.
  • Special Gifts -- individuals may want to create a memory trigger to remind them to give at specific times. For example, each time you go to a movie, you may want to "buy an extra ticket" for JFP by making a $10 donation.
  • JFP Ambassador -- your efforts can be multiplied by becoming an ambassador for the JFP ministry. Once a month, encourage your family, small group, or church to take an offering or make a special gift to JFP.
  • Annual Team Sponsorship -- partner with a team by providing their annual support through your missions budget, offereings, or other campaigns. Contact JFP Director John Croft to discuss partnership needs.
  • Special Projects -- take on a special project such as updating equipment or providing a vehicle for a team. Contact JFP Director John Croft to discuss current project needs.
  • Monthly Campaign -- once a month (or quarter) take a special offering for JFP or encourage the text to give campaign. It is best to establish a memorable pattern such as the first Sunday of each month.
Share your ideas for supporting the ministry of JFP with us.

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