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  • Tips for Traveling by Airplane

Before Leaving

  • Find out how early you should arrive by calling your airline. If you plan to check your bags, ask whether to first go to the checked baggage screening station or the ticket counter. If you aren't checking baggage, ask whether you can get a boarding pass. Some 40 airports require boarding passes before going through security.
  • Find out which parking areas are open.

Checked Bags

  • Spread books out inside a suitcase rather than stacking them.
  • Don't pack food and beverages.
  • Pack footwear on top of other items.
  • Don't cram too many things into a suitcase because it will be hard for a screener to close it.
  • Avoid packing anything you don't want others to see, as your bag may be opened in public.
  • Leave bags unlocked.
  • Put film in carry-on bag.
  • Put personal items, like underwear and toiletries, in a zipped plastic bag so screeners don't have to handle them.
  • Don't wrap gifts; they may have to be opened for inspection.
  • If something is missing of damaged, call the Customer Response Center, 1-866-289-9673.

Carry-On Baggage

  • Only two items are allowed.
  • Remove prohibited items such as scissors and knives.

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