We believe in the power of prayer.

We believe that, without prayer, human efforts are futile. We know that, united in prayer, we are a mighty team.

Knowing and believing these things, we invite you to join our Exponential Prayer Team 2023. This team will be asked to carry the mantle of prayer for this event between now and the end of the conference – March 9th, 2023. From this conference, we have seen hundreds of Wesleyan attendees answer the call to multiplication and lead their teams, churches and districts to intentionally make disciples who make disciples. Our prayer is that this year is even more powerful and life changing.

We also invite the team to 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting beginning February 14th for anyone willing to join us. During this time, we’ll have 21 specific prayers as we prepare for The Wesleyan shoulder events and the first day of the conference.



Fill out the registration

This registration form will put your email into the group for regular updates and reminders.


Talk it up!

If you have others on your team or in your circle who would be willing to join the prayer team, we’d love to have them.


Watch your e-mail!

You’ll receive a welcome email as well as suggestions of things to pray for each day. When we get to our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, you’ll receive a 21 day calendar for prayer each day.


Tell your story!

We’d love to hear how this prayer team impacts your life. When we get back from Orlando, you’ll get an email asking you what God spoke into your life during our prayer days. We look forward to hearing about all that God did in and through you.