Our conversation begins with hope.

The mission of God is unfinished. We have much to do and God has called us to be faithful in the future. However, from time to time we need to step back and take a look at how the picture is coming together, even if unfinished. This page is intended to help us do that very thing.

God’s blessing has been upon The Wesleyan Church, and we should pause to celebrate each stat to His Glory and to no one else (see below). We should also be mindful that each stat, number, and tick on a graph is a human being made in the image of God. For this reason I have shared a few stories of what I am seeing God do in the church today, so we don’t get caught up in the numbers without remembering the very real people they represent.

Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church

61,027 Salvations
last year

We celebrate the lives of those who came to Christ through The Wesleyan Church - Worldwide. In just last year, 34,102 in North America and 26,925 outside of North America.

Church Planting
and Growth

In the last year, 195 churches were planted in North America and also through the JESUS Film Partnership internationally. Of these, 45 churches were planted in North America and 150 churches were planted through the JESUS film, with 191 additional preaching points added (record JFP churches in a single year). And Global Partners reports a statistical increase of 887 churches in the past year as well.

The Big Picture

Worldwide / North America

Conversions 61,027 / 34,102
Baptisms 34,802 / 12,269
Churches 6,555 / 1,636
Membership 447,856 / 146,416
Worshippers 517,940 / 237,851

Lives Made New

1,069,280 Lives Total conversions since 1968
319,360 Baptisms
Since 1968
96 Countries
with Ministries
129,200 Youth Convention
1,110+ Church Starts
Since 1968

Churches Made New

200 Million Unchurched in North America – Third largest mission field is our backyard
2,209 Ministerial
19,442 Wesleyan Schools
Enrollment (N.A.)
8 Clergy Care

Transformed by
Giving Generously


$1,529,381 IN PAST 4 YEARS

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$11+ Million Total given to the missionaries and ministries of Global Partners last year
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There is much room to grow in our generosity!

Total Assets of all North American Wesleyan Churches

Our Name Around the World

Hover to reveal the country where God is at work through The Wesleyan Church.

Brazil Igreja Evangelica Wesleyana

British Isles The Wesleyan Holiness Church

Chile Ministerio Evangelistico y Misionero “Cristo es la Unica Respuesta”

Egypt The Standard Wesleyan Church

Honduras Mision Methodista Sión

Mexico Iglesia Evangélica de los Peregrinos

Mozambique Igreja Emmanuel Evangelica Wesleyana

Nicaragua Asociación Mundial de Iglesias Wesleyanas

Suriname De Wesleyaanse Gemeente

Myanmar The Wesleyan Methodist Church

Zambia Pilgrim Wesleyan Church

Communities Made New