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And he gave him the name Jesus. (Matt. 1:25)

Billy Graham told of an American woman he met in China, where she was teaching English. She related how she had taken a little holiday in the mountains of southern China. As she went up the mountain toward her destination, she passed an older man sitting alongside the road.

She felt an inner urge to speak to the man about Christ, but she didn’t do it. Later she felt guilty because she hadn’t responded to her inner feelings. All the time she was up on the mountain on holiday, she prayed that the old man might be there when she came back.

On the way down, she saw him again. She went over and told him about Christ. The old man said, “You know, I’ve prayed to him all my life, but I didn’t know his name.”

We take it for granted, yet all over the world are people who don’t know his name.

The name God chose for his Son was so important that there must be no doubt. An angel revealed the name to both Mary and Joseph. His name means deliverer, rescuer, and savior.

Charles Wesley, the great hymn writer, wrote: “Jesus! The name that charms our fears, That bids our sorrows cease; ‘Tis music in the sinner’s ears; ‘Tis life and health and peace.”

You and I are among the fortunate ones: we know his name!

Sing about his name from your heart during this Christmas season.

Ron McClung has completed fifty-four years of ministry with The Wesleyan Church. He and his wife, Carol, enjoy spending time with their two sons, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

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