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Till what he foretold came to pass, till the word of the Lord proved him true. (Ps. 105:19)

Why is it that we often keep extensive lists of all the bad things that have happened in our lives, but we rarely recognize and remember the good? Gratitude journaling is the discipline of tracking all the good things that God and others have done for us. Studies have shown that the simple act of remembering the good in our lives has the power to change our outlook on life completely. Grateful people are happier and quite often physically healthier than their curmudgeonly counterparts.

Psalm 105 is a psalm of remembrance, particularly recalling how God rescued the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Our reading today highlights the story of Joseph—a story of betrayal, imprisonment, and redemption. No matter how many lies were spoken against Joseph, the word of the Lord proved true. God had a plan for Joseph and used him to save his family. This psalm serves to remind all of us in God’s family of the amazing work that he has done and continues to do to rescue us.

When you are overwhelmed with bad circumstances in life, take a moment to remember all that God has done for you. Be grateful for what he has done and take comfort that his word will prove true. He is the God who rescues his people!

Find strength in knowing that the word of the Lord is true.

Mark A. Moore, PhD, is an associate professor of theology at William Jessup University and the spiritual formation pastor at Faith Legacy Church in Sacramento, CA.

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