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They worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them. (Ps. 106:36)

If you use social media, then you are aware of the phenomena of people presenting themselves publicly as being more put together than they truly are. Our public face is often much more polished than our private face, because we edit out all the unpleasantness. Maybe we think that we will be considered smarter, kinder, or more spiritual if we only show our best to the world.

The Bible, on the other hand, doesn’t play by those same social rules, and Psalm 106 is a perfect example of this. The list of sins committed by the wanderers in the desert is long, harsh, and hard to read. There is nothing there but clear, unadulterated honesty—no rose-colored glasses, pretty pictures, or envy-inducing commentary. Instead, this psalm gives us a glimpse into the awful reality of sin and disobedience.

We can’t obscure sin in our relationship with God; he already knows everything there is to know about us, good and bad. Trying to gloss over the dark and terrible corners of our lives does not result in God thinking we’re better than we really are. Rather than try fruitlessly to hide our sins from God, we can joyfully embrace the relationship we have with him—one of openness, love, and the offer of redemption.

When you speak to the Lord, do so honestly.

Amy Elliot lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. Her husband is ordained in The Wesleyan Church.

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