One of Christianity’s richest blessings is that a man never catches up with his horizons. There is always something not yet attained, some goal not yet reached.

No greater tragedy can come to a soul than to have no more unreached goals, no unattained ideals.

To a man filled with the Spirit, there are no dead-end streets. There is no such thing as having received a final blessing. Always there is more farther along.

The man filled with the Holy Spirit has discovered the “fountain of youth.” Within his soul are songs never yet sung, music never yet penned, poems never yet written. There are aspirations not yet realized that pull him on to the hills of eternal life.

Our dreams are the golden ladder by which we climb to higher altitudes of living. They are the lanterns by whose light we pass safely through the dark valleys. They are the flames that give us drive and energy for the struggle.

To the man filled with the Holy Spirit come new visions of God, and new exploits are attempted in the outreach of faith.

“Your old men shall dream dreams,” declared the ancient prophet, and a thousand men this day are ready to witness to the truth of his statement.

We follow not a lost cause. We are not engaged in a losing venture. The future is bright with the promises of God for those filled with the Spirit.

The brothers of Joseph said: “Here comes that dreamer.” A dreamer is always a comer. Let it be remembered that those lured on by outreaching horizons will someday reach the Land of Boundless Horizons.

Oliver G. Wilson “Boundless Horizons, 1961

Oliver G. Wilson