A young girl who is in the Oklahoma foster care system made a sobering wish list for her next foster home. In childlike printing on school-lined paper, she composed the following:

Things I want in my family.

I want food and water.

Don’t hit on me.

A house with running water and lights.

I want love.

Mom and dad dont fight.

I want no drugs.

Don’t kill my pets.

Help with school.

Nice clean clothes.

No lice. No bug in house.

Clean house. Clean bed with covers.

Don’t sell my toys. Treated fair.

Don’t get drunck.

TV in house.

Let me keep my games. School stuff.

Nice shoes. My own comb. Soap.

Nice house and safe. AC and heater.

Coat. Toothbrush.

Every community needs foster families that will reach out to girls and boys like this one.

Consider the capabilities the Lord has blessed you with. Maybe he would be pleased for you to be part of his answer to help end the misery of a child who needs love and a godly family.

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday and November is orphan month:

“Defend the cause of the fatherless.” Isaiah 1:17