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It’s a statement of hope and of promise, and one that defines so well what it means to be Wesleyan. As Wesleyans, we believe God has created each of us to uniquely serve Him. And, we know that together, our Wesleyan congregations, families, youth, districts, and schools, we can help shape servant leaders and grow disciples for years to come.
It’s why we created WE (Wesleyan Education) — a confirmation of our promise to unite in stewarding youth toward a future that brings them closer to Christ. It’s a shift in the way we foster our students to seek a transformative education that equally prepares them for a professional career and a life of Christian leadership. It’s through WE, that we will proactively equip students, and their parents, with knowledge and tools about our five Wesleyan schools and seminary and help guide them during this transition to adulthood.


Through a Wesleyan education, we can expand God’s kingdom on earth and unleash a whole new generation