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Cypress Wesleyan Wins National Wesleyan Bible Bowl Tournament

Wesleyan quizzers from across the nation gathered this summer at Southern Wesleyan University for the 2017 National Wesleyan Bible Bowl (WBB) Tournament. Teams from Wesleyan churches in Oklahoma, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana participated, having spent the...

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Mongolian Wesleyan Pastors Ordained

The Kingdom of Eternal Light Wesleyan Church of Mongolia is passionate about multiplying disciples. We celebrate the ordination of Pastor Naraa and Pastor Ankha.

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WERF Activation Update

General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt is activating the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund in response to damage sustained in Florida and the Caribbean.

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“Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart.” — John Wesley

Into the Storm

Continued prayers for the return trip home for Pastor Jonathan from Puerto Rico