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ResLife committed to community

Liddick’s readiness to be obedient in meeting needs over following a structure has transformed the lives of people in the community.

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"Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart ." — John Wesley

Four Exponential cohorts added to TWC for 2020

The Wesleyan Church is expanding its vision of church multiplication by adding four new, specially-designed cohorts in partnership with Exponential for 2020.

ONE Conference 2019 continues to inspire church unity in Canada

One month has passed since ONE Conference, yet I am still blown away by how God moved as I reflect on that weekend. There is a new hunger for a move of God that is awakening in this generation, and we’re doing our best to pour fuel on that fire.

Different seat, same mentality  

As General Conference approaches, may the Holy Spirit unleash Wesleyans to be innovative and courageous in doing whatever is necessary to be a Kingdom Force in making disciples, multiplying churches and being a transforming presence.