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Wesleyan View

The Church adopts official statements of the Wesleyan View on issues in order to encourage laity and ministers to integrate faith and life to respond appropriately and responsibly to current cultural and public policy matters. Below you will find statements from the various governing entities of The Wesleyan Church, including the International Conference, the North American General Conference, the General Board and the General Superintendent.

Position Statements

Sanctity of life

We believe that life is a gift from God and must always be regarded as sacred. We believe that decisions about the edges of life that were not even contemplated in previous times are now necessary.

A Wesleyan View of Domestic Violence

Wesleyans believe the family is a divinely ordained institution. Yet, we need to face the reality that across our world and within our churches violence casts its long shadow across many homes.

A Wesleyan View of Racial Reconciliation

The fruit of evangelism in a multiracial society ought to be a diverse church, and any lack of diversity when it comes to a specific race or ethnic group should be explored to better understand…

Church and Culture Booklet

​This booklet is a compilation of The Wesleyan Church position statements on contemporary issues such as military service, equal rights, marriage, divorce, abortion, and more…

Pastoral Letter on the Economy

Economic uncertainty has become a crisis of global proportions. People who went about business as usual in comfort and security only months ago are now dreading the prospect of financial collapse…

A Wesleyan View of Women in Ministry

The Wesleyan Church wishes to reaffirm its long-standing commitment to full opportunity for women to be ordained to the ministry and to serve in any and all ministerial and leadership capacities…

A Wesleyan View of Global Poverty

This position statement has been drafted as The Wesleyan Church’s response to the issue of global poverty. For the purpose of this document and statement, poverty is defined as lack of access…

A Wesleyan view of immigration

Immigration is a contemporary issue that beckons Wesleyans to act as agents of Spirit-filled outreach and compassion in North American society…

A Wesleyan View of Creation Care

The psalmist wrote “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). Yet any honest reader of the newspaper or thoughtful observer of current events must acknowledge that all is not well..

Pastoral Letter on Homosexuality

Sexual orientation and homosexual behavior are issues more and more pastors and local churches find themselves having to address directly, as a rising generation…

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Wesleyan View

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