The official repository of historical documents for The Wesleyan Church worldwide

The Archives of The Wesleyan Church houses the official repository of historical documents for the Church worldwide. This includes documents of the Pilgrim Holiness Church and Wesleyan Methodist Church prior to their merger in June of 1968, as well as later additions from the Standard Church of Canada and the Evangelical Church.

Documents include General Conference and district conference minutes, local church histories and historical data from Wesleyan educational institutions. There are also biographies of founders and leaders of the denomination, as well as others who have been committed to evangelism, missions and social justice concerns. The missions arm of the Church provides a global perspective to the Archives collection documenting the growth and development of Wesleyan missions worldwide.

To provide greater access to the wealth of historical information in the archival collection, documents are now being digitized.

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How to Donate:
If you have any materials that you believe have historical value to The Wesleyan Church, please contact the Archives and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Materials of Interest:
Books, theses, dissertations, biographies, local church histories, studies and statistical information related to holiness denominations (in general) and The Wesleyan Church in particular, along with any and all materials that reflect the character and nature of The Wesleyan Church from 1843 to today.

Featured Archives 

William Baxter Godbey

William B. Godbey was one of the most influential evangelists of the Wesleyan-holiness movement in its formative period (1880-1920)

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“Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart.” -John Wesley

John Wesley

Time for renewal is now

Francis Asbury, a Methodist circuit pastor from the 18th century, inspires Wesleyan pastor Matt LeRoy that America is primed for another spiritual renewal today.

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The Community of Saints

Shirley A. Mullen examines the importance of the Community of Saints within Christianity. She reflects on those pilgrims who've already made their journey and how they've impacted her own.

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