The Wesleyan Advocate

The Wesleyan Advocate was the official publication of The Wesleyan Church upon merger in 1968 of two magazines, the Wesleyan Methodist published since 1842, and the Pilgrim Holiness Advocate published since 1901. It was the main voice of the church recording district events, featuring articles on the spiritual, social, and theological issues of the times, and reporting on the news of Wesleyan educational institutions. The last issue was published in May of 2004.

The Wesleyan Advocate 1968-1979 (Note: Files are between 100-300 MB.)
The Wesleyan Advocate 1980-1989
The Wesleyan Advocate 1990-2004

Wesleyan Life became the new official publication of The Wesleyan Church in 2004. The first issue was published in June. The most current issues may be found at