Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH) is a leader in communicating the message of holiness around the globe. Our resources are relevant for communicating God’s unchanging message in today’s world.

WPH seeks to secure the services of a freelance illustrator for a children’s book on the topic of multiethnicity. If you are strong aesthetically and passionate about delivering innovative, creative, and biblically accurate illustration for children, please email editor@wesleyan.org  for guidelines on submitting samples.  Ideally, the illustrator will be secured in early December 2021 and project completed in about ten weeks, although timing may be negotiated. Illustrator is welcome to include pertinent details that will assist WPH in decision making.


Scope of Project

64-page chapter book

6 x 9 trim size

21 devotionals

Target age: 7–10 years old (1st–3rd grade)

Color illustrations—quantity to be determined


Please respond with interest by November 30, 2021.