What We Do

We help leaders grow in multiethnic ministry awareness and create a culture of diversity within their church. 

Our Vision

To see every leader in The Wesleyan Church discover and develop their multiethnic ministry capacity within their discipleship and multiplication initiatives.


Our Priorities

  • Celebrate DiversityAdvancing church unity and cultural uniqueness.
  • Connect Resources Elevating multiethnic voices and resources being developed by diverse leaders.

Learning Cohort

Intentionality means being thoughtful of the steps we take in order to include others. And that’s exactly what we did last week in our learning cohort “How to Help Your Church Be Intentional During Advent! We had a multiethnic panel explore a variety of ways to celebrate this sacred holiday by using the free Advent resource “Arrival“.

As we approach Christmas 2020, we invite you to watch the recording of our learning cohort with the goal of being intentional with your children, while homeschooling (during this e-learning/hybrid season), with your families and church attendees as we celebrate. This cohort will inspire you to include the backgrounds, contexts, and cultures of people with whom you do life. As you listen, you can take notes to share with your team, peers, or other members in your specific context.

 Lastly, would love to hear your feedback after you have watched the recording! 


Reunión de Multiplicadores Hispanos

El gran apoyo Wesleyano en Exponential Español en 2019 y el deseo que todos demostramos por la plantación y multiplicación de iglesias, ha despertado en una inquietud: ¿Por qué no empezar una reunión mensual de “Multiplicadores Hispanos ” a lo largo de todo el país? Claro está que a causa de la distancia es imposible reunirnos, pero gracias a la tecnología ¡podemos estar unidos!..

 Sera así: cada último jueves del mes tendremos una reunión a través de ZOOM, donde compartiremos un tiempo de comunión y aprendizaje sobre los principios básicos de la multiplicación de Iglesias. Será en dos horarios para que escojas cuál te conviene.

Who We Are

We are here to serve you!

Josmar Trent

Josmar Trent

Multiethnic and Translation Specialist

Josmar was born and raised in Maracay, Venezuela, and is a trained translator in Spanish, French, and English. She has lived in Indiana with her husband, Darren, since 2011. She is passionate about serving God’s people and loves working in the Multiethnic Ministries, because it gives her the opportunity to connect pastors and churches from various ethnic groups with the headquarters team, and the work being done across The Wesleyan Church denomination. Being a bridge builder, particularly as it relates to the Hispanic or Latinx community, and helping to develop relationships and resources in Spanish is a huge part of her work as a translation specialist in under the Church and Multiplication Department. She is certified in Cultural Intelligence. Her attention to detail, innovation and leadership makes her a strong asset to the team. When she is not serving the Church she loves organizing, blogging, crafting. spending time with her husband and daughter, and connecting with family. Darren and Josmar had their first baby in April 2018.

Celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple and a church multiplies itself, until The Wesleyan Church has a transforming presence in every zip code.